2017 Health & Safety Professional Sentiment Survey Results

2017 Health & Safety Professional Sentiment Survey Results

Discover what your fellow H&S professionals believe the Health & Safety at Work Act has meant to them personally, how their organisations have responded, what challenges they have encountered and how they have been tracking against meeting the new legislative requirements.

This report is based on the results from several hundred surveys conducted at the major Health and Safety conferences in New Zealand in 2017. We asked participants to identify their top three priorities from eight statements, in four key areas that influence the impact of H&S management.

Key areas covered:

  • Leadership: The Desired Role of Leadership in H&S
  • Culture: Organisational Culture & Attitude Towards H&S
  • Compliance: Response to HSWA2015 and Impact on Business
  • Systems: Priority of Requirements in H&S Management Systems.
Download the full report now and assess how your organisation compares with our aggregate results from an entire survey pool of hundreds of H&S professionals and senior business managers.

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