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Manage people not paper

If your people are apathetic about change and hard to motivate, improvement is sluggish and it feels like you’re taking one step forward but two steps back.

With ecoPortal, you’ll have the tools to stimulate ownership, delegate and manage responsibilities, set targets, track progress and inject a shot of motivation whenever it’s necessary.

Manage communication with ecoportal

Keep people on the same page without paper

Miscommunication happens when there are multiple people, sites, and languages. We have created the ‘strategyWheel’ to help people visually identify and understand how their particular tasks fit into the wider strategy, regardless of their standing in the organisation or their level of comprehension. You will manage to keep everyone on the same page, on task and on track.

Manage and streamline complex workflows with ecoportal

Streamline complex workflows

Complex paper workflows with multiple stages and signoffs are cumbersome, and prone to delays. With ecoPortal’s ‘oneWorkflow’, you can combine all the complexities of the forms, procedures, sign offs, escalations, and notifications into a transparent and intuitive workflow. ecoPortal will give the right people the right access at the right time and keep the whole workflow moving.

Manage and stay ahead with ecoportal

Stay ahead of the action

Nothing is more frustrating than falling behind, getting snowed under, then being under the pump while catching up. ecoPortal avoids this frustration by making sure the high priority tasks are done on time, every time. ecoPortal will notify the right person ahead of time, remind them if they don’t get around to actioning an item, then escalate it if it remains undone. These reminders can be delivered directly to a person’s smartphone or email inbox and they will have all the tools to take action.

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