Smart Measurement

Measure and analyse what matters

To make effective data driven decisions you need the right data linked to the right strategy, in real time. If your data are locked in spreadsheets and your strategies hidden away in documents, decisions are made based on reports that are slow and frustrating to write.

ecoPortal liberates data from spreadsheets and strategies from documents so that decisions can be made quickly and with confidence.

Smart Measurement
Measure and escape from spreadsheet hell with ecoportal

Escape from spreadsheet hell

Dealing with different versions, lost files, late and inaccurate data, and mountains of paper takes time away from actions. You’re too busy chasing and checking data to act on the information. ecoPortal pulls all the data you need from forms, gathered from invoices, uploaded from spreadsheets, and drawn from other information systems. All data will be timely, in the same format, and ready for you to take the most effective actions.

Measure and get modern business intelligence with ecoportal

Get modern business intelligence

Transforming raw data into meaningful business intelligence requires you to evaluate it against your strategy, industrial benchmarks, and historic performance. ecoPortal takes raw data, applies intelligent analytics and links to pertinent information, so you can make informed business decisions. With these insights, you will be able to drive actions and achieve your targets with confidence.

Measure and track performance instantly with ecoportal

Instant performance tracking

Often in business we don’t get to see the fruits of our labour. With ecoPortal just about everything can be tracked, charted and communicated in real time. This means that you and your people can get direct feedback about how actions, like submitting an incident report, or completing an investigation, have improved overall performance. You won’t have to motivate your people to achieve targets because they will be engaged and committed to achieve them by themselves.

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