Reduce Risk

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In order to reduce risk, businesses need to have an appropriate risk culture. People need to be aware, take ownership, and know how to deal with risks.

ecoPortal’s suite of tools has been specifically designed to support a risk management culture by raising awareness, stimulating ownership, and providing best practice management tools wherever and whenever risks are encountered.

Reduce Risk
Reduce risk by raising risk awareness with ecoportal

Raise your risk awareness

Ensure that all your people are aware of all the risks that affect them – all of the time. While some may be serious, but unlikely to happen, others may be bound to happen. While some risks may be common across the whole business, others may be specific to one site. ecoPortal provides each individual with a view of what risks affect them personally, and with the tools they need to manage those risks.

Reduce risk by simulating risk ownership with ecoportal

Stimulate risk ownership

People take better care of the things they own – it’s the same with risk. When people own a risk, they will make sure it is controlled appropriately.  ecoPortal helps stimulate risk ownership by making it easy to assign roles and responsibilities to people, and supports them with the tools to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate the appropriate risk controls.

Reduce risk by creating a roadmap with ecoportal

Your roadmap towards risk minimisation

Risk minimisation is a continuous journey, not a destination. Continuous improvement means that there are always risks that can be managed in more effective ways. International best practice risk management standards like ISO 31000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are based on continuous planning, doing, checking, and adjusting. ecoPortal mobilizes these best practices within your business so that you can move towards zero risk.

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