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Staying compliant can be as hard as getting compliant in the first place. Rules often change, and your business needs to be able to change with them. ecoPortal lets you put the book of regulations aside, as you’ll receive a personalised notification when requirements change. 

You’ll know  what you need to do to stay compliant, and be able to prove it to the auditor. Feel totally in control and on top of things – because you are!

Stay complaint - to know the rules

Know the rules

Understanding just which regulation, standard, consent, policy, or procedure applies to the situation is challenging. To make things more daunting, all of these rules often change when a new political party is elected or when a new CEO is appointed. ecoPortal overcomes this challenge by making the latest rules available to you at anytime. No one will ever be able to throw the proverbial “rule book” at you!

stay compliant - transparent record into assets

Transform records into assets

Collecting records when incidents happen is critical, but often they go unrecorded and get forgotten. These records are valuable assets that can be used to identify issues before they cause harm to your business, your people, or your environment. With ecoPortal, these assets will be easy to create and access so that they can be prioritised, flagged, and escalated to the right person.

stay complaint - impress the auditor

Impress the auditor

Staying compliant means eliminating the difference between what the rules say and what actually happens in practice. Audits are an essential tool to achieve this. But paper forms, spreadsheets, and conversations around the watercooler make auditing a frustrating, time consuming, and often unrewarding task. Having all the rules and records in ecoPortal enables you to effortlessly generate impressive audit reports before the auditor comes to visit. They’ll thank you for it.

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