September 2016

  • ecoPortal Workflow Director

Workflow Director and more

We’ve just released a host of updates that we think you’ll like. The update that users will notice right away is the new Workflow Director.

July 2016

Notifications and Managing Data

ecoPortal has got a lot smarter and a lot more configurable when it comes to receiving the notifications that you want, when you want them. Rather than just sending emails, all notifications are now logged per-user and viewable at any time online in the new messaging centre.

  • ecoPortal April New Features

April new features

For those that missed our new features released in April, here is a video that covers most of them.

First round

Today we are very excited to release our first round of upgrades since the huge overhaul several months ago...

File Manager and Invite System

Here at ecoPortal, (between moving into our new office!) our developers have been kept very busy working on many exciting features and improvements. Today we get to release two of these which are the redesigned file manager and the streamlined invite system.