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ecoPortal's response to COVID-19: a suite of templates


Dear Safety Community, 

Events over the recent months have made it clear we're living through a fierce health, safety and humanitarian event, wedging our communities into new realities.

As a safety community, we understand a lot of us are feeling significant levels of uncertainty, anxiety and lack of clarity on our ability to respond to such an event. We need to be empathetic, understanding of others and supporting where we can. We can get through this by socially coming together, virtually - and maintaining physical distancing. 

We certainly don’t have all the answers. But we are working closely with our clients to support them in every possible way to manage and adapt to the situation and keep their employees safe. As their technology partners, we collaborated with safety professionals across several industries to create a COVID-19 template suite to help them track the constantly evolving COVID-19 metrics in their own organisations.

Our COVID-19 suite of templates include but not limited to:

  • COVID-19 Employee Status Template
  • COVID-19 Contractor Declaration Template
  • COVID-19 Suspected Cases Alert Template

The path is uncharted and will require our collective vigilance and spirit - though there is little doubt the health and safety community will stand in unison, illuminating the path with other first-responders, health organisations and other essential service providers. We all help shape what happens. 

Through these times ecoPortal will do everything we can to minimise the impact on our customers and communities. Our teams stand with you in safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of your people and the community at large. We will navigate through this collectively and come out stronger. 

Stay home. Stay safe. 

Dr. Manuel Seidel, CEO
Helene Seidel-Sterzik, COO



How progressive companies are managing
COVID-19 using technology


Leveraging customer intelligence, we’ve built a suite of COVID-19 templates to help respond to these exceptional circumstances. ecoPortal clients are using the templates to help track the health of their employees, manage contractor declarations and mitigate COVID-19 transmission throughout the business.

One of Bank of New Zealand’s primary H&S concerns was “trying to ensure third parties and contractors had sufficient processes in place around managing COVID-19”. Having collaborated with ecoPortal on the Contractor Process Form, BNZ’s, Health and Safety Continuous Improvement Lead, Jean Tancred told us these new forms “help give us a certain level of assurance that processes are in place in response to COVID-19 and any actions necessary to close gaps. The ecoPortal team were great and responded very quickly as these forms were urgent to implement”, she added. 

"ecoPortal's contractor declaration template gives us a certain level of assurance that processes are in place in response to COVID-19".

Jean Tancred, Health and Safety Continuous Improvement Lead, BNZ


COVID-19: Contractor Declaration Template



Australian-based manufacturing company, XLam, rolled out an Epidemic Leader Standard Work form to effectively verify the completion of major tasks related to COVID-19. When asked if any outcome or benefit had been seen from the COVID-19 form, XLam's Craig Christie mentioned “the ability to demonstrate evidence that critical activities are being implemented and providing transparency for Senior Management”. Christie was also positive about the “exceptional, immediate response with getting a trial template on our system -  a mere few hours after I sent the request to the team”.

"ecoPortal provided us the ability to demonstrate evidence that critical activities are being implemented, and providing transparency for Senior Management."

Craig Christie, Business Excellence Advisor, XLam


COVID-19: Epidemic Leader On Site Checklist Template



Having finished development, we’re pleased to offer these templates to our entire customer base and beyond. As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, ecoPortal is taking further steps to assure that there are suitable and evolving mechanics in place to keep our customer’s employees safe.

Below is the list of all the templates that are included in the COVID-19 module. If you have any specific requirements that don’t match the templates, let's discuss what you are trying to achieve. We can build a tailored solution for your requirements. Let's chat.

COVID-19: Employee Status Template

Use this form to track important staff details such as:

  • Self-isolation status and dates.
  • COVID 19 testing status and dates.
  • Staff type (internal/contractor).
  • COVID 19 test results and dates.
  • Return to work dates.
  • Medical clearance letters.

COVID-19: Contractor Declaration Template

Use this form to record declarations that:

  • The contractor will notify you if any of their workers is a suspected/ confirmed case.
  • The contractor or his workers will not come to the workplace when they are sick with COVID-19.
  • The contractor has correct processes in place ensuring you are following Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • The contractor has policies ensuring unwell workers are not expected to be at work.

COVID-19: Suspected Case Alert Template

Use this form to track details of potentially affected staff, including:

  • Affected staff type (Employee/Contractor/Visitor/Other).
  • COVID-19 symptoms noticed & date/time symptoms observed.
  • Location of isolation.
  • If medical consultation/treatment has taken place.
  • Travel history (Past 14 days).

COVID-19: Epidemic Leader On Site Checklist Template

This form includes:

  • Details
  • Checklist/Audit questions
  • Verification and next check due notifications.

COVID-19: Branch COVID Template

This form includes:

  • Feedback topic selection area.
  • Feedback field.
  • Supporting information upload capability.


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