ecoPortal Changelog – May 8th, 2017

New Features

  • A large amount of help content has been released for ecoPortal, you can access it through pressing the new question mark button next to your profile image. A chat function is also available within the help files should you require assistance from our support team.
  • Members can now set their Register sidebar to be minimised and hidden. If you would like to have it set to minimised at all times go to ‘Account Settings’ to set it to be permanently hidden.
  • Members can simplify and minimise ‘My Dashboard’ through switching off different lists. The controls to do this are in their ‘Account Settings’
  • A new filter called Active Stage is now available when you use Add Filters to filter your forms within your Registers. This lets you filter according to the active stage on your forms.
  • A new graph type lets you see at a glance what Stage your forms are at in each Register.


Workflow Improvements

  • Date/time/zone pickers have been redone and improved.
  • When attaching an existing page to a form, there is an infinite scrollbar to search through all forms/pages.
  • In the Attach Form field where a form has a ‘required’ indication, you need one form or page at the least to be added to this ‘required field’ before the form can be completed.
  • When images are added to a form they can usually be clicked on and enlarged. We now have an option to keep images flat on the form and not clickable.
  • Series charts now have the added options to group data by ‘quarter’ or ‘week’
  • Misc workflow and language improvements.



  • Invite links that have been used will now redirect to login.
  • Misc. bug fixes.