ecoPortal Changelog – September 24th, 2018

Changelog - September 23rd 2018

This release is mostly comprised of fixes and improvements to existing functionality within ecoPortal and our service as a whole.

The most significant change in this release is that we have shifted our entire underlying infrastructure from the US to Sydney. This should make ecoPortal load faster for all our existing clients and help us service clients who have a strict requirement for data to be kept locally. It should also improve the speed of several areas of the system such as batch exports.

We’ve improved the appearance and workflow of a few different areas in ecoPortal in this release. The popup that appears after you fill in a form with quick actions is now clearer and easier to understand:

The image upload field on pages has been simplified. You can now upload directly on the page rather than needing to open a pop-up dialog first:

Images can be rearranged and captioned directly on the page:

Layout options which are a bit less common to use can be accessed by hitting the “Gallery Layout” button:

These changes should reduce the number of clicks required to upload and manage images in ecoPortal forms.

The re-invite tool on the people manager was previously hiding behind the cog menu, but now has been moved into the same area as the other people related batch tools. To use it, select some people who have not yet accepted their invitation, hit “Edit Selected” and then “Re-invite People”. They’ll receive another email prompting them to accept their invitation.

We’ve also reduced the size of the loading spinner in some space-sensitive areas which should help reduce the amount of jumping around the scrollbar does when it’s loading the next page.

There have been some functional improvements as well. On the people manager, the policy group filter now lets you pick multiple policy groups to filter by instead of just one. We also were getting some feedback that full-text register search was returning a lot of seemingly unrelated pages so we have made the search matching a lot more strict as well as boosting page title and ID search terms in the results when you use the “relevance” sort. This should help you find what you’re looking for that much faster.

On the mobile side of things, we have now rolled out “add to homescreen” integration. When you visit ecoPortal on an Android device, the browser will now prompt you to install it as an app. Doing this will allow you to launch ecoPortal in full screen mode on your mobile device from your home screen. For apple users, if you’re on at least iOS 11.3, it’s a bit more complicated but you’re still able to do this. Go to ecoPortal in Safari, press the “share” button and then press “Add to Home Screen”. Try it out!

Finally, we have added extensive logging around updates to people in the new people manager. If you have sufficient permissions in your organisation, you can see these by going to any given person in the person manager and choosing “Changelog” from the cog menu. A pop up will appear that looks something like this:

You can filter the individual bullet point items using the search box. For example, to search for any email changes, type “email”:

If there’s nothing in the changelogs yet, don’t be alarmed! Only changes made after this release will be in these logs. We hope that this added feature will provide more transparency and accountability to people management actions within your organisation