ecoPortal Changelog

This page documents changes made to the ecoPortal system. It includes new features, workflow improvements and bug fixes. We recommend that you periodically check this page for new releases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

  • ecoPortal Changelog – October 23rd, 2018

    Changelog - October 23rd 2018

    This release brings a number of user interface (UI) changes and workflow improvements to the configurability and use of the Location Tag field on ecoPortal. There’s a brand new UI for everything related to location tags and some extra features we can roll out for you to cut down on the amount of tagging your users need to do while on ecoPortal. Let’s dive in.

    Cutting down on data entry with default tags

    Every account on ecoPortal can optionally now have a single “default” tag set on it via the people manager:

    When set, everything that person creates (pages, files and so on) will automatically pick that tag. This can be used to e.g ensure a manager in Auckland creates content which is always tagged Auckland.

    If your organisation has a location tag tree configured that looks something like “New Zealand > Auckland > Symonds St” and the default tag is “Auckland”, then on all new content they create it will automatically tag it “New Zealand” and “Auckland”. If the default is not appropriate, the user can deselect the default before hitting save.

    Once default tags are being used effectively within an organisation they should significantly cut down on the amount of repeated data entry required and improve the consistency of tagging of data.

    Rolling out default tags to the existing accounts in your organisation can be done efficiently and effectively by our implementation services. If you’re interested, get in touch.

    An updated Tag Picker

    We’ve listened to your feedback on the existing Location Tag picker and have built two different tag pickers which are useful in different ways.

    The main one that you’ll see is the new visual tree-based tag picker:

    Location tags are represented by a hierarchical checklist in the editable section in the middle. Any part of the checklist item text can be clicked to toggle it on or off. A summary of all the tags currently chosen are present on the bar near the bottom. To remove a tag, either deselect its checkbox or simply click the tag in the bottom bar.

    The branches of the tree can have their visibility toggled by clicking the and signs to make it easier to find what you need. The “clear” button at the bottom will remove all currently selected tags which are in your location tag tree(s).

    When you have default tags set on your membership, instead of a “clear” button you will get a “reset” button. Clicking this will remove tags as usual and then apply your default. This should make it very easy to correct tags on existing content once you have a default set.

    The other major usability improvement we’ve made to the location tag picker is adding a “filtered” mode. This dramatically simplifies the tag tree for all users with location tags set on their membership when they initially open the editor. It does this by displaying only the subset of the hierarchy that matches their current location tags. For example, if someone had their location tags set to “Symonds Street”, the tag picker above would instead look like this when they opened it:

    This is a simple example, but for clients with hundreds of locations I’m sure you can appreciate the difference in complexity. The “Show All” button will remove the filtering and show the unfiltered location tag tree for the cases where for some reason they need to choose a tag outside of their current filter set.

    The other location tag picker we’ve introduced is a simplified type-ahead location tag picker. You can find this when you take actions like filter a register:

    Click “+ Location Tag” and begin to type:

    Use the arrow keys or click to select the tag. You can also just finish typing it and press enter.

    This should make filtering by a tag a lot simpler for most cases, but if you aren’t sure what you want to filter by, you can instead click the “Tree view” checkbox and get the full visual tag picker instead.

    An updated Direct Permission Editor

    Adding direct permissions to a page is no longer a part of the tagging process and has been moved to the page toolbar:

    Clicking “Permissions” will bring up the new direct permission editor. There is a search bar that can be used to find people to permission:

    Clicking on a person will add a permission for them. These work the same way as before, they’ve just had a visual refresh.

    You can expand or collapse a permission by clicking on the Hide/Edit button:

    If more than five direct permissions are set they’ll be broken up into multiple pages.

    The new Location Tag Field

    Choosing location tags on pages has been completely redone and made a lot more compact. Once the release is out, when you edit a page on ecoPortal you’ll notice that the old tag picker is gone from the top of the page, replaced by this field:

    Currently it lives at the top of the first “stage” of all pages, however this can now be customised on your forms according to your organisation’s requirements. Contact us to find out more. Choosing “Set Location” will open up the new tag picker:

    From there it’s as simple as selecting or deselecting the location tags you need. The new required styling now applies to tags too, making it easy to ensure that tags aren’t forgotten:

    We have a range of new options available for the behavior of the tag field including a single location mode, customised text, form/stage placement; as well as for our more complex clients who have multiple location trees, single tree mode. As before, get in touch if you’d like to discuss how you’d like the tag field to behave on your forms.

    As a side note, if you’re currently using ecoPortal without any location tags, rest assured that there will be no extra fields added to your content on release day.

    Permissioning Files, Datasets and Reports

    We’ve improved the permissioning workflow when uploading or creating files, datasets and reports. Direct permissions have been split from location tags to reduce confusion and help text has been added. Here’s what the new file upload looks like now:

    Use should be fairly straightforward, but if not clicking the question mark will provide a brief explanation of what you’re doing. Datasets and reports use the same permissioning controls.

    Long tags, too many tags…

    Sometimes the amount of tags set on any given thing could be a bit overwhelming and not necessarily be the best use of space! To improve this, most areas that displays tags on ecoPortal will now display a maximum of 8 tags by default and a toggle control to display the rest of them:

    After clicking “Show 5 More”:

    This should simplify the visual display and management of resources which require a lot of location tags without losing any functionality. The other improvement we’ve made is to the display of extremely long tags on mobile devices. Tags will if possible trail off with a “...” if they would otherwise be wider than the area that they’re inside:

  • ecoPortal Changelog – September 24th, 2018

    Changelog - September 23rd 2018

    This release is mostly comprised of fixes and improvements to existing functionality within ecoPortal and our service as a whole.

    The most significant change in this release is that we have shifted our entire underlying infrastructure from the US to Sydney. This should make ecoPortal load faster for all our existing clients and help us service clients who have a strict requirement for data to be kept locally. It should also improve the speed of several areas of the system such as batch exports.

    We’ve improved the appearance and workflow of a few different areas in ecoPortal in this release. The popup that appears after you fill in a form with quick actions is now clearer and easier to understand:

    The image upload field on pages has been simplified. You can now upload directly on the page rather than needing to open a pop-up dialog first:

    Images can be rearranged and captioned directly on the page:

    Layout options which are a bit less common to use can be accessed by hitting the “Gallery Layout” button:

    These changes should reduce the number of clicks required to upload and manage images in ecoPortal forms.

    The re-invite tool on the people manager was previously hiding behind the cog menu, but now has been moved into the same area as the other people related batch tools. To use it, select some people who have not yet accepted their invitation, hit “Edit Selected” and then “Re-invite People”. They’ll receive another email prompting them to accept their invitation.

    We’ve also reduced the size of the loading spinner in some space-sensitive areas which should help reduce the amount of jumping around the scrollbar does when it’s loading the next page.

    There have been some functional improvements as well. On the people manager, the policy group filter now lets you pick multiple policy groups to filter by instead of just one. We also were getting some feedback that full-text register search was returning a lot of seemingly unrelated pages so we have made the search matching a lot more strict as well as boosting page title and ID search terms in the results when you use the “relevance” sort. This should help you find what you’re looking for that much faster.

    On the mobile side of things, we have now rolled out “add to homescreen” integration. When you visit ecoPortal on an Android device, the browser will now prompt you to install it as an app. Doing this will allow you to launch ecoPortal in full screen mode on your mobile device from your home screen. For apple users, if you’re on at least iOS 11.3, it’s a bit more complicated but you’re still able to do this. Go to ecoPortal in Safari, press the “share” button and then press “Add to Home Screen”. Try it out!

    Finally, we have added extensive logging around updates to people in the new people manager. If you have sufficient permissions in your organisation, you can see these by going to any given person in the person manager and choosing “Changelog” from the cog menu. A pop up will appear that looks something like this:

    You can filter the individual bullet point items using the search box. For example, to search for any email changes, type “email”:

    If there’s nothing in the changelogs yet, don’t be alarmed! Only changes made after this release will be in these logs. We hope that this added feature will provide more transparency and accountability to people management actions within your organisation

  • ecoPortal Changelog – July 30th, 2018

    Changelog - People Part 2, June 2018


    Our login screen was a bit unwieldy to use on mobiles, requiring you to scroll down to tap on the email and password fields. This has been slimmed down greatly, so this shouldn’t be an issue any more:


    We’ve made the initial load of ecoPortal prettier and snappier by adding an extra initial bootstrap stage. Here’s what you’ll now see instead of a white screen when ecoPortal initially loads:

    While at the moment it is just a pleasant new loading screen, this lays some important groundwork for further improvements. We will be continuing to streamline and improve the speed of starting up ecoPortal in the future by building on this new feature.


    We’ve simplified the terms we use to describe states throughout ecoPortal:

    We looked into some performance issues that some customers were having on registers and found that the gauge widget we were using was causing problems when there were a lot of them. We’ve written a custom gauge widget from the ground up to be blazing fast to resolve this issue. The visual style has been simplified a bit as well, with particular improvements to the readability of the “table view” of the gauge on registers.


    We have made a couple of changes to date/time entry within ecoPortal. The clock now gains a red highlight when you have a date + time field but you’ve only entered in a date:

    We’ve also changed the actual date picker to one which is a bit easier to use for those of us without a scroll-wheel. You can also quickly edit the year by clicking on it.

    Finally, we’ve simplified the language used on the user dashboard page. The “New form” button and “Recently visited forms” heading will now instead simply read “New” and “Recently visited” respectively.

    Organisation Management

    Further improvements to the people module launched in the last release have been a core part of this release. You can now sort by email in the People Manager:

    and it will show you the total number of people matching your current filter(s):

    We’ve added several new filter types. You can now filter members of your organisation to find those who have deactivated accounts and for our power users, you can also filter based on their functional permission level. We’ve also taken out some of the filters that might not be applicable to your organisation depending on your setup, such as the “prefilter” filter. Finally, when you’re experimenting with filters and change from e.g a “before” filter to an “after” filter, it’ll copy the values across so you don’t have to enter in the same date again.

    As the most common organisation management actions now have a dedicated area in the People Manager instead of residing in the organisation settings, the changelog for your organisation can now also be accessed via the cog menu on the People Manager.

    When you’re updating many people at once using the new People Manager batch tools, it could be a bit frustrating if you picked the wrong batch update and wanted to go back to change it as you would lose your selection. We’re happy to say that if you hit the cancel button on a batch action, you now will no longer have lost your selection.

    Several customers have requested more fine-grained control during the invitation process as to what areas of the system they want to grant access to. We offer several simple presets which should cover most cases, but we’re pleased to say that we have now unlocked the ability to invite with custom functional permissions for all organisation administrators.

    For clients who are using our latest extended people management features, you can now also filter the people attachment widget using the same filters available on the People Manager. Access these filters by hitting the filter icon in the search box:

    Finally, we’ve also made sure that date values in the people manager won’t wrap onto multiple lines and added visual separators when there’s multiple values picked for a field.


    Register export has been made more powerful. You’re now able to pick and choose the specific fields you want to export, instead of just exporting everything in one go and having to hunt through the resultant CSV. If you want to export every field still, there’s a select all checkbox on the top. Otherwise you can type to filter across all the exportable fields and see their labels and type. Tick the ones you want to export and hit the export button! An added bonus to this extra export configuration - no more misclicks on the export icon slowing down your organisation’s system.

    For those clients already using our brand new extended people management features in their forms, we’ve added a new filter type. You can filter to a specific field containing a specific person. Your register table and card views can also display people attached to any given field, and optionally some of the data about those people. We’re rolling out the new people management features progressively across our clients - contact your ecoPortal support or implementation manager if you’d like to request more information about the rollout.


    We have improved the workflow, availability and look of filters throughout the system. Next time you are on a register, or on a form searching for a page reference, if you click the filter button inside the search bar, a box dedicated to filtering will appear.

    Clicking ‘+ Filter’ lets you type or scroll to search and find field you want to use to filter your results.

    Filters have been rebuilt to be conversational, meaning that using a filter is as simple as completing a sentence filling in the options you are interested in. Different options will be shown depending on the type of field you are using to filter with. E.g. a select field type looks like this:

    You can add as many filters as you want which will further narrow down your results to help you find just what you need. When you are done click ‘apply’.

    We have also added new options to relative date type filters. You now have the options to add "the past" and "the future" to filter the results accordingly.

    Task System

    We’ve cleaned up and standardised the filter and reorder options in the task manager:

    You can now filter the task manager by register:

    You can also now export information about tasks in ecoPortal to CSV. You can find the export button in the cog menu top right on desktop devices.

    Clicking the export to CSV button will take you to the export status page where a progress bar will fill as the system exports. There may be a brief delay before the export progresses if many other users are also exporting data at the same time. Once done, you can download your exported data as CSV. Information available in the export includes register name, page name, the type of task, when it was started, when it was completed, who was the actual person to complete it, the overall duration as well as everyone assigned to the task. For review tasks, the people who signed the task off will be exported as well.

    We’ve also made some improvements to how you interact with pages with an active task. One point of confusion has been if you want to assign someone else to a “fill in” task, then save the page without completing the task yourself. The “Save Progress” button was the way to do this, but people sometimes accidentally marked the task as complete themselves after assigning someone else. Now, when you assign someone else to a “fill in” task, there will only be a “Save & Assign” button available which will not complete the task.

    We have also made it so that if you visit a page with an active task and you’re able to complete that task, the page will always start in edit mode.

    Page editor

    We’ve made a number of small improvements to the ecoPortal page editor in this release as well as one rather large one - the brand new rich text editor. The new editor does everything the old one does, just better.

    All buttons now have clear explanations as to what they do. The link & video buttons now have a dedicated settings pop-up with extra options available. The editor will by default automatically resize as you type, just like the old one does, but there’s now a drag handle on the bottom in case you want to temporarily change the size of it to see more content.

    The file attachment field has had a small improvement as well - it will no longer warn you about losing your changes if you open and then immediately close it without actually doing anything.

    Minimised sections could be a bit confusing before as the expand button wouldn’t show up until you actually moused over it. This button is now always visible when a section is minimised:

    People often try to print pages which are currently in “edit” mode which creates some issues for them as it tries to print all the different form fields on the page instead of the actual page content. As almost all systems now display a print preview first, we’ve made it so if the user does this, the print preview will give them instructions on how to print properly and access the print options. While this might irk people without a print preview, at least only one page will be wasted printing out a guide on how to print, as opposed to having to print your content twice - once badly, and once properly ☺

    Finally, in multi-stage workflows, sometimes people people try to move on to the next stage after finishing their current one even if the current stage needs to be signed off first. Previously, the error message they’d get would state that they didn’t have permission to that stage which confused them - after all, they’d eventually have permission to it - once the current stage is complete. We have improved the error message in this case to let them know that they can’t access it until the current stage has been fully completed.

  • ecoPortal Changelog – April 27th, 2018

    New Features

    • The previous Members tab on the Organisation Settings page has been removed and replaced with the People Manager found in the sidebar.
    • The People Manager has search and filter controls allowing you to quickly find an individual (or filter to a list of people) based on a range of criteria. Your search query and filters change your URL so you can easily copy and share a link to your search results or refresh the page without losing your search results.
    • Each person in the People Manager can have additional details recorded against them. We can create templates to your specifications that contain all the details you want to record about members of your organisation. While each person can only have one template, you can have multiple templates within your organisation. This lets you handle different groups of people separately. For example, you might want to record different details about a contractor compared to those of a regular employee.
    • Fields in people templates can be marked as shared or private.
    • Private fields do not show up outside the People Manager and at this time are accessible only by administrators.
    • There is a new form component ‘people’ that can be used to reference people from the People Manager on a form. People reference fields can be configured to allow users to select one or many people.
    • People reference fields can be configured to show specific public fields. For example, you might want to add someone’s emergency contact information to make it easily available when filling in any accident forms on ecoPortal (private fields do not show up here).
    • People reference fields can be filtered on the fly to quickly find who you are looking for.
    • People reference fields can be set to snapshot or live mode. Snapshot mode will lock the details shown in the reference field to whatever the persons details are at the time they are added to the reference. Live mode will keep the details shown in the people reference up to date.
    • Added a new ‘me’ button that allows you to quickly add yourself to a people reference field.
    • Clicking a referenced person will bring up further shared details about that person.
    • People can be added to the People Manager in ecoPortal without an account. Meaning a person’s details exist in ecoPortal, and can be referenced on forms but that person can not log in to ecoPortal.
    • You can easily add an account to a person that currently only has their details entered into ecoPortal.
    • If you have administrative permission to change the settings of people in your organisation, you can now add or update accounts and details for up to 250 members of your organisation, simultaneously using People Manager batch tools.
    • The mobile version of the People Manager has been redesigned to offer a simple view of the people in your organisation.
    • Each person in an organisation has an improved profile page containing their details (including private details if you have permission to see them) and information about their account.
    • On each person’s profile page there is an extra section at the bottom of the display page listing pages that the person has been recently referenced on (using the new people reference component). Clicking through from this section will give you a register-type view containing all of these pages that you can then further search, sort and filter.
    • From a person’s profile page, if you have the correct permissions you can enter ‘edit mode’ and directly add or change their details and account settings.
    • If you have permission, you can remove a person from the organisation by using the remove button on the edit view of a person’s profile page.
    • You now access the new invitation process using the “Add New” button on the People Manager.
    • The invitation process has been updated to incorporate the ability to add extended details if this is setup for your organisation.
    • The invitation process has been streamlined with several sections being “skippable” to make it easier for people to be invited now and configured later.
    • The invitation process has been optimised for mobile phones.
    • You can now specify an external ID along with a person’s details when adding them to ecoPortal.
    • You can now filter numeric select fields using a range.
    • We now have task allocation strategies for supervisors, that will allow someone’s direct manager to be set as a reviewer of the form stage they complete.

    Workflow Improvements

    • The name specified during the invitation process is now pre-filled for users when they accept the invitation
    • We have changed the way that fields look when you edit them to make tooltips and requirements more obvious while minimising the amount of visual clutter. We have also reviewed every field type on different devices and screen sizes and optimised to reduce clutter and wasted space.
    • The floating formatting toolbar on rich text fields now aligns better with the field and is no longer available on mobile.
    • To make it easier to enter in date / times, after you type in the hours in the time picker it will now jump to the minutes.
    • The “highlight” effect when referencing a page in the page picker has been made more noticable. The page picker will also no longer change size on the screen as you type.
    • The “yellow” accent colour has been made darker so that it is easier to read.
    • When you’re uploading images to an image gallery, the “done” button will now be disabled while you are uploading files.
    • If you don’t have permission to your organisation’s files, the option to attach files from your organisation on the file field is now gone.
    • The sort controls available when you are searching or browsing a register have been simplified.
    • If you try to open ecoPortal without accepting your invitation, the message that tells you to accept your invitation will now hang around until you close it.
    • After you accept an invitation, you now get immediately logged in to ecoPortal instead of having to enter your password again.
    • There are now improved messages given to people who are having difficulty logging in or accepting their invitation. If someone tries to log in who hasn’t accepted their invitation yet, a prompt with a button to resend the invitation to them is displayed.
    • The “task assignment” pop up now has more straightforward wording to ensure that people understand what it will do.
    • The task manager will now keep its search and sort if you reload the page. This also works with the back and forward browser buttons like registers do.
    • People who have been removed from an organisation will no longer show up when you’re editing an old task that they were assigned to.
    • When you’re in a register, or on a page which belongs to a register, the name of the register will have a green highlight effect in the sidebar. If you’re on a page which is in your starred items, that item will be green.
    • Changelogs now no longer display “x days ago” if the log is older than 3 days.
    • We now use styled pop up boxes instead of the browser default alert throughout ecoPortal. This also means they can’t be accidentally disabled.
    • Our use of buttons, what colour they are, and whether they are raised or lowered has been made consistent throughout ecoPortal.
    • The mobile experience of ecoPortal filling out forms has been significantly simplified by removing unnecessary controls including commenting, dragging fields, deletion of fields and sections, minimizing sections and advanced editing of fields.
    • A large portion of the title block has been removed from mobile forms so that you can dive right in and start filling the form out without scrolling.
    • Location tag trees at the start of a mobile form are more inline with other selection fields on a form.
    • When filling out selection fields on forms your device’s native select control will replace buttons if there are more than three options.
    • The mobile look and feel has been aligned with Google Material theme.
    • Archived pages no longer count towards the limit of pages you are allowed to reference on any given page. This archived information will also be cleaned up when you update the page.
    • If you’re uploading an invalid file (for example a PDF) to an image gallery, it’ll now tell you that specifically instead of just saying “something went wrong”.
    • The vertical axis on series charts won’t show any decimal places if the data being displayed is all whole numbers.
    • Policy group changes are now logged to the organisation activity logs. These new logs do not notify anybody.
    • Policy group edit has been sped up which should be noticeable if the policy group contains a many of people.
    • ecoPortal will no longer allow you to ‘upload by URL’ files larger than 500MB.
    • Many other misc. Workflow improvements and language changes.



    • The ecoPortal logo is no longer stretched in IE11.
    • Reloading the page and then clicking the comment icon on a field will no longer scroll you to the top of the page.
    • There will no longer be a white gap on your organisation’s themed heading if your screen size is too small to display it, and the image will be gone completely on small width mobile devices like phones.
    • Clicking “other” on and off on a select field will now correctly run page scripts.
    • Many other Misc. Fixes
  • ecoPortal Changelog – October 6th, 2017

    Workflow Improvements

    • When you refresh the Organisation Settings page, it will no longer automatically show the Activity Stream on the right. The Activity Stream can still be found when you click the Cog at the top to access it.
    • Several improvements have been made around password management:
      • When you sign in, your password is now validated against the security settings on your account
      • If it is not secure enough (because the security requirements changed since your account was set up), ecoPortal will prompt you to change your password
      • This can be skipped up to 3 times at which point it becomes mandatory
    • You can now export rich text fields into your CSV documents. When you see this in your CSV document the Rich Text Fields will be presented in a “markdown” format.
    • When Filtering by Date, you can now Filter for documents by “day” using the relative options.
    • To ensure that the note under “Other” is filled in on a form, the note now also has a star  to show it is a Required Field that must be filled in before a Form is complete.
    • When inviting people to your organisation, there is now a progress bar.
    • The wait time has been reduced when inviting members to your Organisation.
    • Removing a member from an organisation now launches a confirm box to prevent misclicks
    • If you invite a member to an organisation they already belong to, they’ll no longer  get a message
    • Previously for a Review member you only had the ability to sign off a form. Now you get prompted with an option as to whether you are signing off the form or not.
    • The save and submit button on Forms have been made more visible to ecoPortal members.



    • You can assign other people to the active task when creating a form.
    • All ecoPortal invitations in emails now no longer expire until you have accepted the invitation.
    • Charts which are displaying document counts on the y axis have more user friendly divisions.
    • Form notifications sent out via email now display your organisation’s local timezone.
    • Your Profile Menu has been improved so that it works better on smaller mobile devices.


  • ecoPortal Changelog – August 29th, 2017

    New Features

    • When exporting Forms from Registers, the export file will now include Tag Data and Creator Data


    Workflow Improvements

    • While using Add Filter and then filtering by tags, this now lets you choose any Tags without needing to keep the previous tags selected.
    • If a member changes their email address in their Account Settings, we send an email to you for confirmation. If you enter an incorrect email address or change your mind, to cancel the email address confirmation, there is now a button in your Account Settings that allows you to cancel the change.
    • The Login page has changed into two parts as follows
      a)Enter your ecoPortal email, click next
      b)Then enter your password
    • With the new Login, you can now find the Forgot Password button after you have entered in your email address and clicked Next.
    • There are now Tooltips when hovering over the View Mode and Edit Mode button at the top of the Form so you know which setting you could be in next.
    • While in Organisation Settings you can now use checkboxes to choose multiple members at once.
    • While in Organisation Settings, the buttons to delete or edit these selected members have been moved from the bottom right circle button to the row above the member list
    • When Assigning a Task to someone on your form, inactive members of an Organisation are now kept out of the list of members to choose from.
    • In the Task Manager, for Review Tasks, where more than one person is required to sign off the Task, there is now additional information that shows you who has signed it off and who still needs to Review and sign it off.
    • The Task Manager layout has been improved and now works better on mobile devices
    • When an ecoPortal member clicks on a link from ecoPortal in an email but they are not logged in, ecoPortal will have their email address saved so they can just click “next” and enter in their password.
    • When printing a split screen Form and it’s images, you can now see the images side by side as presented in the form instead of printed above each other down the page.
    • When clicking Save Progress on a Form during a Fill In Task, the Form now stays in Edit Mode when it reloads after Save so you can continue filling in your Form if you wish without having to click Edit Mode.
    • Misc. workflow and language improvements



    • Save & Submit with 100% of required fields filled in will now only need a single click
    • Permissions around who can use the Assign To button has changed. People who could not Assign Tasks previously should now be able to.


  • ecoPortal Changelog – July 17th, 2017

    New Features

    • We are very excited to announce that our new Task System has been released!! You will now find a To Do List and a new Task Manager in your Tool Box.
    • A new Assign To button has been added to the bottom of some forms to assign Tasks to other team members when it is needed.
    • A History button has been added to the bottom of your forms so you can now see the history of your stage on a form
    • The Reject button now has a Revision Note for those reviewing a form to explain any alterations that might be needed.
    • A Sign off Note Box is now available for those signing off a form and want to leave a few last notes about the form.


    Workflow Improvements

    • Drag and drop usability has been improved on forms
    • Save As Draft on a form has now been renamed to Save Progress
    • Time Fields on mobile devices have been changed to use the specific mobile devices Time picker.
    • You can no longer select members that have been deactivated when adding members to a form
    • You no longer get taken off the form you are currently on if you click on a part of a structure that you do not have access to (i.e. ecoWheel / ecoTable / Table of contents)
    • Misc. Performance improvements



    • Several Misc. compatibility fixes for IE11
    • Several Misc. mobile devices fixes have been made
    • A form will no longer scroll to the top of the page when adding a new comment
    • Bullet points in rich text fields now show when printing a form
    • There should be no more white text on white backgrounds on register cards with themes that have white text set.
    • Misc. bug fixes
  • ecoPortal Changelog – May 8th, 2017

    New Features

    • A large amount of help content has been released for ecoPortal, you can access it through pressing the new question mark button next to your profile image. A chat function is also available within the help files should you require assistance from our support team.
    • Members can now set their Register sidebar to be minimised and hidden. If you would like to have it set to minimised at all times go to ‘Account Settings’ to set it to be permanently hidden.
    • Members can simplify and minimise ‘My Dashboard’ through switching off different lists. The controls to do this are in their ‘Account Settings’
    • A new filter called Active Stage is now available when you use Add Filters to filter your forms within your Registers. This lets you filter according to the active stage on your forms.
    • A new graph type lets you see at a glance what Stage your forms are at in each Register.


    Workflow Improvements

    • Date/time/zone pickers have been redone and improved.
    • When attaching an existing page to a form, there is an infinite scrollbar to search through all forms/pages.
    • In the Attach Form field where a form has a ‘required’ indication, you need one form or page at the least to be added to this ‘required field’ before the form can be completed.
    • When images are added to a form they can usually be clicked on and enlarged. We now have an option to keep images flat on the form and not clickable.
    • Series charts now have the added options to group data by ‘quarter’ or ‘week’
    • Misc workflow and language improvements.



    • Invite links that have been used will now redirect to login.
    • Misc. bug fixes.


  • ecoPortal Changelog – April 10, 2017

    New features

     • New export register feature that allows users to export all the data in the register that they have permissions to see in CSV format

     • In your File Manager, members can now see what Form/s a File is attached to

     • Dashboards and Registers now show you stage state (current stage)

    Workflow improvement

     • The loading of Forms with many Form Attachments and References has been substantially sped up

     • You can now Filter with Select Fields which have no value selected

     • Misc workflow and language improvements


     • Several print issues have been addressed

     • Drag/drop improved

     • Misc. bug fixes

  • ecoPortal Changelog – March 20, 2017

    New features

     • We now have improved member management tools, where you can now update or remove multiple memberships at once

    Workflow improvement

     • The Add New Form Plus button on the bottom right-hand corner of Registers has now been made more visible and pronounced


     • The layout of Gauges in Tables has been improved

     • Printing of forms in IE has been fixed

     • Misc. bug fixes

  • ecoPortal Changelog – February 3, 2017

    New features

     • We are now able to configure a second notification date for reminders before a date falls due

     • Some white labelling features are now available in beta for enterprise level organisations – talk to our Implementation Team for more information

    Workflow improvement

     • Clearing values from date fields is now much more intuitive

     • A time zone is now exported as an extra field when exporting dates

     • For organisations that work within multiple time zones, time zone selection should now behave consistently throughout the application

     • Tag filters on Dashboards now allow for more flexibility when filtering

     • You can now filter registers by referenced pages (e.g. filter the register to all pages that references a person)

     • You can now favourite a Form on their Stages

     • We now have a floating toolbar for easy editing on elongated Rich Text Fields

     • Misc. workflow improvements


     • Scrolling on some devices no longer causes the active Dashboard to switch

     • Relative date filters now behave more as expected when filtering to a particular time period

     • Misc. bug fixes

  • ecoPortal Changelog – December 27, 2016

    New features

     • ecoPortal can now reference external files from forms and your file manager

    Workflow improvement

     • We now have more detailed activity logs on ecoPortal

     • Your ecoPortal form’s Gauge design has been improved to maximise space

     • You can now use column sorting on your data sets

     • New benefit for admins – admins can now rearrange Options in their Select fields

     • We now have more detailed ecoPortal icons for your Apple devices

     • Misc. workflow and language improvements


     • The ecoPortal date column on datasets no longer overlap the data view edit dialog

     • Updating file information now shows without requiring a page refresh

     • Various time zone fixes for date pickers and charts

     • Various email and invite fixes

     • Archived pages should not show on reference components

     • Sidebar scrolling issues experienced on some older browsers have been fixed

     • Copy/paste of dates in data sets fixed

     • Fixed notifications when stages are being signed off

     • Misc. bug fixes

  • ecoPortal Changelog – December 6, 2016

    We have updated ecoPortal to work better with most mobile devices. The changes include:

    Workflow improvements

     • The Navigation Sidebar has been optimised for Touch Screens. It completely hides when not in use to save you space on narrow screens.

     • We have a more simplified experience on registers for mobile devices.

     • We have a simplified header box for forms on mobile devices.

     • We have a redesigned personal landing page ‘My Dashboard’ optimised for mobile devices.

     • We have a redesigned Global Search sidebar optimised for narrow screens.

     • In addition we have made many optimisations throughout the system to improve the ecoPortal experience on mobile and touch devices.


     • Printing issues to do with new layout.

  • ecoPortal Changelog – October 31, 2016

    New features

     • We have created a new graph section called ‘Frequency charts’ in your Edit Chart options.  This includes Pie Charts and also allows members to view percentages of information on Bar Charts.

     • Pie charts have not disappeared in the Edit Chart sidebar, they are now a part of ‘Frequency Charts’.

     • You can create your ‘Frequency Charts’ also using tags as an additional data source.

    Workflow improvements

     • Email Frequencies for all new users joining an organisation can now be set in the Organisation Settings.

     • When an update to ecoPortal has been made, a message at the top of the page appears that alerts members to reload their page.

     • Your Policy Group data will now update in the user interface on invitation.

     • The File Manager on the sidebar is hidden unless the user has permission to see it.

     • There is now a nicer and smoother experience when clicking on either an ecoWheel or an ecoTable link (when you are not authorised to see the page), which redirects you to the origin form for the link.

     • Cards on registers state colours now better reflect the stage’s state.

     • There are several workflow and language enhancements.

     • You can now search with Form ID’s (UID’s) using only the numbers in the ID or the prefix of the ID.

     • Speed enhancements throughout the system.

     • Several other miscellaneous fixes.


     • Averages in line graphs no longer lead to discontinuous lines.

     • Inviting someone who is already a member no longer causes temporary issues with the organisation management screen.

     • ‘0’ values in datasets are now showing in series charts on forms.

     • .doc files are no longer showing up with ‘MSW’ extensions.

     • Charts no longer break when the creator of the chart is removed from the organisation.

     • Several other miscellaneous fixes.

  • ecoPortal Changelog – October 12, 2016

    New features

     • You can now see the Page State on the Register Table View

     • We have added an optional button to the Date Fields that sets the date to the current date and time

     • You can now activate auto logout for your organisation. This will autolog out any inactive sessions after the desired elapsed time

     • You can now configure your organisation with multiple enhanced password security features for new invites: a minimum length, mandatory special or uppercase characters, and mandatory numbers

    Workflow improvements

     • The search bar on the dialogue boxes, such as files or references, have been made more obvious

     • Unique Identifiers have been separated out from the page titles and are now displayed in a more prominent place on the register tables and cards. These can be optionally hidden, as can timestamps, state and tag displays

     • Unique Identifiers are also now displayed in notifications

     • We have made several language simplifications and fixes

     • We have added backend enhancement to alleviate potential issues for organisations with thousands of members

     • We now have better support for time zones and organisations which span multiple time zones throughout the system

     • We have improved notifications and made some minor changes

     • Within each register the specific number of items displayed on a pie chart on registers have been added


     • Fixed a bug where rich text fields could not be edited with iOS mobile devices

     • Fixed a bug where Internet Explorer 11 did not correctly size the search bar on registers

     • Fixed a bug to do with broken unsubscribe links

     • Fixed a bug where the ‘Load More’ button was not showing up on organisation management to show newly invited users

     • Fixed a bug where Internet Explorer 11 loaded a ‘P’ character rather than the magnifying glass icon

     • Fixed an IE and Firefox chart updating issue

     • Fixed an issue with avatar alignment on some buttons

     • Fixed an issue where if notifications point to the current page, it reloads it correctly

     • Fixed an issue where removing a user from an organisation could cause problems with pages that included a chart created by that user

     • Fixed an issue where filtered card and table view shortcuts on register dashboards didn’t do anything

     • Fixed an issue around a new page created on another page not being attached to the original page

     • Fixed an issue where inviting people with a leading space in their email address caused issues

     • Fixed a styling bug where printing numbered lists lost their numbering

     • Fixed a date format bug in data sets

     • Several other miscellaneous fixes

  • ecoPortal Changelog – September 20, 2016

    New features

     • We can now optionally limit organisation access to a set of whitelisted IP addresses

     • Added the ability to add in complex password requirements for users in your organisation

     • Workflow director that once a stage is finished, it asks what you would like to do next (go to next stage, create another page, go back to the parent, go to a register)

     • Batch tool (admins only) to make it much easier to bulk change permissions, remove pages upload pages, export information etc.

    Workflow improvement

     • Register sorting controls sort on a date now default sort newest to oldest

     • Top 10 components on dashboards now show a row with the field they are ordered on

     • If a stage is set to progress in series, the previous stage must be signed off before it is accessible. If it is set to parallel, it can be accessible at the same time

     • Clicking “view more” on dashboards top 10 component should now retain ordering preference on  register

     • Reference components on pages can now have a “create a…” showing prior to the initial save

     • Changed the date placeholder to avoid confusion

     • Hide users attached to page from form when in view mode

     • Removed search box on tag trees as it was causing confusion

     • Rejected pages have a more visible indication they have been rejected

     • Stage related notifications have been moved from medium priority to high priority

     • performance of organisation activity stream improved

     • Other slice added to pie charts where more than 10 items

     • Ability to add an ‘all’ tag to everyone in the organisation behind the scenes

     • Several misc. language fixes

     • Several other misc. fixes


     • Fixed a bug to do with page completion % showing even when all required fields are hidden

     • Fixed a bug where people with the ‘can configure’ level of permission could not edit events

     • Fixed a bug where two messages were generated when creating a page

     • Final button on final stage should say ‘complete’ rather than proceed to next stage.

     • Fixed a bug about an internal server error with dataviews

     • Fixed a bug around public reports returning a ‘failed to bootstrap tag tree’ error message

     • Fixed a bug where registers sometimes reloaded before a page did when clicking on the page

     • Fixed a bug where Workflow director popped up on when page would not save

     • Fixed a bug where a page required 0 sign offs,

     • Fixed a bug around adding files to a page upon creation

     • Fix for rich text field on IOS devices

     • Tags on tag trees no longer move sometimes when clicked

     • Fixed a visibility issue of the profile menu in Internet Explorer browser

     • Fixed a bug where imported content was not generating date based notifications

     • Fixed tag tree items plus button for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers

     • Fix avatars in email issue

     • Fixed an issue when new components added to stages were not showing

     • Many more misc bug fixes