ecoPortal and Environment Essentials announce the integration of legal obligations with the Health & Safety Risk Management System


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ecoPortal and Environment Essentials announce the integration of legal obligations with the Health & Safety Risk Management System

ecoPortal and Environment Essentials have announced the integration of their two software products. Work health and safety (WHS) and environmental managers can now access Environment Essentials’ plain-English summaries of Australian and New Zealand legislation within ecoPortal’s integrated WHS and Environmental Management Platform. The integration aims to help managers save time by not having to search for legal obligations in a separate document, online or in other software.

The integration of Environment Essentials’ SafetyLaw into ecoPortal’s safety management software, for example, is designed to provide businesses with all-encompassing health, safety, and environmental risk management platform. The integration seeks to address one of the key challenges that WHS leaders face, which is that they not only need to understand their company’s legal obligations but also need to be able to communicate the impact of those obligations in the day-to-day operations of the company, across all levels.

This integration not only helps WHS and environmental managers to access legal obligation summaries in simple language, but also links these requirements to their specific hazards, operational procedures and other elements within their management systems. As employees are using ecoPortal on a regular basis, WHS and environmental leaders will be in a position to integrate any new/updated legal obligations into the safety culture of their company.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Australasia’s leading safety and environmental legal compliance company. Many businesses that we come across struggle to maintain an understanding of their legal obligations – let alone comply with them. The integration enables our clients to access legal obligation summaries in simple language and link these requirements to their hazards, operational procedures and other elements of their management systems,” said Dr. Manuel Seidel, ecoPortal CEO.

Legal obligations are an important part of every environmental and safety management system. Firstly, you need to know exactly what the legislation requires of you – that’s where plain-English summaries come in.  Then that information needs to be captured in work instructions, communicated in staff inductions, and used in training, emergency procedures, audits and incident investigations. In other words, legal obligations need to be integrated into the whole system” said Dr Tim Hamilton, Environment Essentials Director.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Stolthaven, XLam, and Tourism Holdings are some of the clients that have adopted this integration. ecoPortal is beautiful health, safety and environmental risk management platform designed to be a configurable, and easy-to-use that moulds itself to a company’s unique safety and environmental requirements and management culture.

About ecoPortal

The single most important reason why employees love ecoPortal is that it’s so simple to use that it empowers them to drive a company-wide safety culture transformation by making it extremely easy to report incidents. Secondly, ecoPortal is highly configurable to fit the needs of a diversity of businesses. For senior management, ecoPortal offers complete transparency with beautiful, real-time and interactive reports that capture key metrics to make sure companies are on top of their compliance requirements. 

Additionally, ecoPortal provides modules to also manage Environmental & Risk Management making it a one-stop-shop for managing all risks across the business. Most importantly ecoPortal empowers Health & Safety Managers to take their safety culture from compliance to caring.

For more information about ecoPortal visit or contact Manuel Seidel:

About Environment Essentials

Since 1997, Environment Essentials has been a valued partner to many of Australasia’s leading industrial companies, NGOs, government departments, educational institutions and SMEs – helping them to better manage their safety and environmental legal obligations. Environment Essentials offers web-based products which deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use summaries of all environmental and occupational workplace health and safety legal obligations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For more information about Environment Essentials visit or contact Jacinda Brennan (National Sales & Operations Manager):

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