• Fonterra ecoPortal success story

Fonterra’s ecoPortal success story

Fonterra Brands uses ecoPortal

To manage their multi-site environmental management system

Fonterra Brands uses ecoPortal

Multiple sites, multiple projects

Global dairy giant Fonterra are world class at getting products from the paddock to the plate. Nic Bishop is responsible for minimising the environmental impact of the manufacture and end-of-life of Fonterra’s branded products. The Fonterra Brands sustainability team works with many stakeholders across a number of geographic locations to make sure they are operating to international best practice standards. This is a challenging task for the sustainability team, in particular given the wide range of projects that are being managed across many sites.

One place, up-to-date information, for everyone

Nic uses ecoPortal to implement and maintain an effective environmental management system across all Fonterra Brands sites. From one place he can track compliance, see the status of risks and manage his team and their tasks. When it comes to audit time having all evidence in one location makes the process significantly easier for both site managers and auditors.

Certified, compliant, and on strategy

We asked Nic what he saw as the main business benefit of ecoPortal and he said “the ability to track compliance and improve performance in relation to our sustainability strategy across multiple sites.” We also asked what he personally likes about ecoPortal and he said “the way that all the functionality fits together in an easy-to-use system.”

Step by step guide to transforming your Health and Safety system

ecoPortal - How to win the Health & Safety paper war ( Fonterra Brands)

We’ve put more of our learnings and suggestions into an easy to read guide which you can download from ecoPortal’s website by clicking on the button below

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