ISO 45001 Gap Analysis

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This free ISO 45001 gap analysis tool covers:

  • How do I manage H&S now?
  • How far away am I from achieving ISO 45001?
  • How compliant am I over time?

Understand the new framework

Once logged in, you'll be taken step by step through the different requirements of the ISO 45001 framework. After completing the gap analysis, a report will generated so you can easily see how aligned to the standard your company is and if any additional actions are needed to gain compliance.

Get access to ecoPortal

This confidential gap analysis tool is delivered to you on ecoPortal's H&S platform. You can complete it in much the same way that our clients conduct internal audits. You'll also be given access to check out a couple of our key H&S registers such as 'Events' and 'Risk'.