We believe

business can create a sustainable world

Our mission:

empower people to transform business

with modern management systems

The problems we found

Even businesses in New Zealand, the clean green country, struggle to operate sustainably.
To understand just what the underlying problems were, we spent five years researching the particular barriers business face in operating sustainably. We’ve listed the top barriers here.

  • Businesses’ long term strategies were often not clear or understood.
  • Operational activities are often not linked to strategic direction
  • Formal management systems focus on certification rather than performance
  • Systems often use old formats like paper and spreadsheets that people disliked using
  • Consequently, people don’t understand how their actions impact the people, place, and performance of the business

The solution we developed

Having our mission in mind, we spent the next five years developing a suite of solutions to the above barriers and formed a consulting firm around them. One of the solutions was a software application that helped companies implement and maintain best practice management systems in a modern way. The software was immediately popular.

We soon realised that we could create more impact if other consultancies around the world could use this software with their clients. So we made it our mission to build and provide that software.

Where we are now

We are privileged to work with experts in wide range of business support services who implement and support our software internationally. These include leading consultancies, training organisations, legal firms and auditing bodies.

This means we can focus on developing the most modern management system and ensure that it is effectively configured and implemented to achieve our clients’ goals.

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Management Team

ecoPortal team member for our mission: Dr. Manuel Seidel

Dr. Manuel Seidel
Sales & Implementation Director

Manuel is a health and safety, sustainability and integrated risk management systems expert. Manuel completed his PhD in the implementation of sustainable business practices in New Zealand companies. He has led the successful implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, AS/NZ 4801 and other management system standards in a range of organisations and is a trained auditor. He is on the New Zealand Technical Committee for ISO and is currently involved in the review of changes to ISO standards.

Call: 027 352 8440

Email: manuel@ecoportal.co.nz

ecoPortal team member for our mission: Dr. Richard Cross

Dr. Richard Cross
Technical Director

Richard loves to solve complex problems. His talent has been sought after by a number of software ventures and ecoPortal is lucky to keep him. He built version one, and now makes sure the complexity of ecoPortal is hidden behind a simple and intuitive user interface. His doctoral thesis identified ways to get people to work better together when working on complex projects.

Call: 021 069 4862

Email: richard@ecoportal.co.nz

ecoPortal team member for our mission: Logan Wait

Dr. Logan Wait
Director of Business Development

Logan is a true entrepreneur. He has a relentless drive to reach new clients in new markets, and reach ecoPortal’s goal of becoming the world’s number 1 risk and sustainability management software. This means constantly rethinking the way the company delivers value. His current focus is driving a strategy that provides useful resources and practical tools to educate the market on risk and sustainability issues. This work extends his doctoral research that developed visualisation tools to support businesses innovate processess and products. 

Call: 021 369 374

Email: logan@ecoportal.co.nz

ecoPortal team member for our mission: Dr. Rainer Seidel

Dr. Rainer Seidel

Rainer is passionate about supporting organisations to innovate by helping them develop and implement competitive business strategies. During his professional career of more than three decades he has successfully managed a large number of research, development and consulting projects of varying sizes and scopes. Most of his work involved working across disciplinary and professional boundaries and he now supports ecoPortal in a wide range of ways.

Email: rainer@ecoportal.co.nz

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