How to transform the performance of your risk and sustainability programme

Dr. Manuel Seidel introduces the ecoWheel framework – a visual risk and sustainability programme strategy and management tool.

Many traditional ‘folder on the shelf’ systems are only good for ‘getting the tick from auditors’. It often fails to facilitate significant reductions in environmental and safety risks and can be a challenge in implementing effective EHS management systems. In this video, Dr. Manuel Seidel speaks about the different levels of maturity of organis

ations in their risk and sustainability programmes. He further illustrates the benefits and values of the ecoWheel Framework to guide you through an on-going journey of improved performance.

So what challenges do most companies face at every stage?

1. Lack of management buy-in   Skip to this part in the video  

The initial barrier for effective risk and sustainability programme lies in management buy-in which is often rooted only for the sake of compliance. ecoWheel framework offers a long-term perspective of your programmes with short-term goals. This motivates management to start activating the changes required and participate in the entire process.

2. Narrow-focus on cost   Skip to this part in the video  

As companies go ahead in their journey through increase in projects, they tend to focus on cutting corners rather than wider life-cycles of their risk and sustainability programmes. ecoWheel framework will help to prioritize the tasks in order to use resources and costs more efficiently.

3. Limited employee involvement   Skip to this part in the video

As companies become proactive in managing their risk and sustainability programmes, employees show limited support and engagement due to no direct responsibility in the process. ecoWheel platform provides access to information directly relevant to the employee so that everyone is on the same page.

4. Lack of transparency to build competitive advantage   Skip to this part in the video

Transparency is necessary in order to gain further competitive advantage, and that can be achieved through a holistic approach and enterprise level of collaboration. ecoWheel framework will provide visibility  to your long-term strategy at enterprise level.

The ecoWheel framework is designed to serve as a simplified and efficient management tool for companies who intend to build or have an existing risk and sustainability programme. With the ecoWheel Framework, an organisation can understand their current position, where they need to progress and the steps in between.



What is ecoPortal’s competitive advantage?

ecoPortal is focusing on usability and configurability to address the key issues faced by companies in risk, environment and sustainability management. ecoPortal’s system is configured to make it work around your organisation’s processes. The tools are developed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so that employees require little to no training and can start using it from day one.

Does ecoPortal configure the workflows?

ecoPortal collaborates with clients to configure the platform as per their requirements. However, we also provide certain configuration tools which can be used by certain individuals within the organisation. It is important to understand the right level of permissions granted so as to safeguard the company information and the platform itself.

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