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Boost your weekly engagement by by adding SSO to ecoPortal


ecoPortal + Single Sign On

ecoPortal can seamlessly integrate with your company's Single Sign On service. This means that it's now easier than ever for your staff to use your health and safety programme. No extra passwords needed!

SSO has been very successful. It has increased usability significantly, and this has been borne out of the increase in reporting - from an average of 11.3 per week (for the 12 months prior to SSO) to 16.2 per week (for the three months since SSO)
David Neal
Senior Advisor, Emergency Management and Business - Ministry of Justice

Accessiblity is key

By making ecoPortal more available to your staff, they will be able to access the platform to engage with your health and safety programme better. Everyone benefits - your business becomes a healthier and safer place and performance and productivity increases.

  • Make Better Decisions

    Make Better Decisions

    Because of the increase in reporting, Your business will gain a clearer understanding of your overall health and safety landscape. This clarity can be used to make data driven decisions to optimise your programme and business.

  • Maintain Compliance

    Maintain Compliance

    The more staff members that engage with your health and safety programme, the more that you can be certain that you are maintaining your compliance with regulations now and as they change in the future.

  • Boost Your H&S Culture

    Boost Your H&S Culture

    Engagement leads to a happier and healthier workforce. It's a snowball effect, the more staff that get onboard now, the more staff that will be able to engage over time.

  • Quick To Start

    ecoPortal can integrate with any SSO system that uses SAML such as Microsoft Azure or ADFS.

  • Lower IT Costs

    SSO reduces the costs that your IT team have with managing user ID's, passwords and authentication policies.

  • Sign In Your Way

    ecoPortal users can sign in using SSO, native eocPortal passwords, or a combination of both. This becomes especially handy for contractors that aren't part of the company's SSO database

  • Modern Security Features

    ecoPortal comes with plenty of security options like IP whitelisting, auto log-out times and password strength requirements.