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managing the health and safety of your business should be as simple as possible.

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Reports dont have to take weeks to make - ecoPortal's reporting engine is flexible, instant and always up to date

  • One-click comprehensive reporting
  • Multiple report templates can be saved for future use
  • Reports are live and always up to date

Operational improvements

ecoPortal helps your business continually monitor and look for ways to improve workplace operations

  • Stay on financial track
  • Provide specific direction for employees
  • Improve time management

Stay Compliant

Staying compliant can be as hard as getting compliant in the first place. Rules often change, and your business needs to be able to change with them. ecoPortal lets you put the book of regulations aside,You’ll know what you need to do to stay compliant, and be able to prove it to the auditor.

  • Receive notification when requirements change.
  • Eliminate the difference between what the rules say and what actually happens.

Audits & certifications

Audits are an essential tool, but paper forms, spreadsheets, and conversations around the watercooler make auditing a frustrating, time consuming, and often unrewarding task.

  • Have all of the rules and records available
  • Generate audit reports instantly
  • Give your auditor a log-in to ecoPortal

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