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Workplace Health and Safety Assessment

Take our Health and Safety Assessment to review your current performance. Answer 12 questions to get a free personalised report with the 'safetyWheel' that highlights the strengths of your programme and identifies areas for improvement.

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ecoPortal is a flexible, browser based, health and safety management system that everyone in your business can use to effectively measure and manage health and safety risks.

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    Engage Everyone

    From the production line to the boardroom, ecoPortal is easy to pick up and use by everyone.

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    Reduce Risks

    ecoPortal supports a risk management culture by raising awareness and stimulating ownership.

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    Measure Confidently

    Make effective, data driven decisions with live updates. Reports are ready and waiting for you.


ecoPortal brings together all the registers you need to build a successfull health and safety culture.

Each register contains a full array of dynamic forms, dashboards and analytics so that you can confidently stay on top of each part of your new health and safety system.

  • Events
  • Risks
  • Actions
  • People
  • Contractors
  • Training
  • Audits
  • PPE
  • Smart forms

    Smart forms

    Log events quickly and confidently with dynamic forms that can be completed by anyone.

    • Available on any device
    • Reactive inputs
    • Stage based workflows
  • Task Management

    Task Management

    Keep your operation running smoothly with a dynamic task management system. Assign tasks and get timely reminders.

    • Smart task assignment
    • Time based escalations
    • Easy task auditing
  • Notifications


    ecoPortal's flexible permissions engine drives notifications, editing and viewing ability across different user groups.

    • Lock down sections
    • Role based experiences
    • Bundled email notifications
  • Flexible workflows

    Flexible workflows

    ecoPortal's workflows are flexible enough to support changes with your business requirements.

    • Your naming conventions
    • Customised colours and branding
    • Add new business units easily
  • Personalised dashboard

    Personalised dashboard

    The most important things onto one page so you can keep on top of what's coming up.

    • Live updates of critical tasks
    • Review recent changes
    • Commonly used forms
  • Drilldown Graphs

    Drilldown Graphs

    Communicate trends and provides quick insights to gain deep understanding of root causes.

    • Drill down with a click
    • See what lies underneath
    • Identify trends
  • Unlimited users

    Unlimited users

    Get everyone in your business involved in building a health and safety culture

    • Involve everyone
    • Have everyone on the same page
    • Add new users easily
  • Live reports

    Live reports

    ecoPortals’ report builder makes it easy to create and update great looking Health and Safety reports.

    • Instant reports
    • See where your programme is up to
    • Reports can be online or printed
  • Legal links

    Legal links

    Keep an eye of the difference between what your organisation should do and what it actually does.

    • Stay up to date
    • Ready reference information
    • Live requirement changes

“We had 70 different forms, now everything is on ecoPortal”

Lee Perry - Safety Manager

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