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A Life In Your Hands

In 1 year, 90 New Zealanders lost their lives and 30,540 were injured in the workplace - costing our nation $1,000,000,000.

New Zealand, it’s time to change.

Action begins with a single step. One step forward, one percent safer.

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A Life In Your Hands

In 1 year, 90 New Zealanders lost their lives and 30,540 were injured in the workplace - costing our nation $1,000,000,000.

New Zealand, it’s time to change.

Action begins with a single step. One step forward, one percent safer.

About one percent safer

A fresh approach to safety culture

One Percent Safer is a global movement started by the not-for-profit One Percent Safer Foundation. It encourages people and organisations to take a single step forward, each day, to improve safety. At the heart of the movement is the the One Percent Safer book compiled by Dr. Andrew Sharman (immediate past-President, IOSH). The One Percent Safer book collates wisdom from 137 health and safety experts across the globe, to deliver bite-sized pieces of insight into what One Percent Safer might look like, day-to-day.

100% of the funds raised by One Percent Safer are used to pay for the organisation’s charitable activities. Many OSH professionals have been vulnerable since the onset of COVID-19. Profits from the sale of the book will be distributed as grants to directly relieve their economic hardship and support their professional education, enhancing their opportunities going forward. One Percent Safer will also provide ‘seed capital’ grants, supporting charitable institutions, and not-for-profit organisations wishing to enhance their community’s health and safety.



Let's make New Zealand One Percent Safer

ecoPortal is proud to partner with the One Percent Safer Foundation in bringing the movement to our shores. New Zealand visionaries and leaders - this one’s for you. The One Percent Safer philosophy is the foundation stone for a strong safety culture. 

The book, compiled by Dr. Andrew Sharman, is a gold-mine, filled with powerful pieces of advice that inspire action and create momentum for change. Want to win a copy? You should submit a brilliant idea you’ve had about something that could make your workplace one percent safer.

One Percent safer book
one percent safet movement

Join the global One Percent Safer movement.

Launch event

We’re kickstarting the NZ launch by hosting a launch event where an inspiring panel of guests will discuss One Percent Safer.

Webinar series

Sign up below to attend a six episode webinar series, featuring the world’s top safety leaders.

Awareness programme

Digital/ social media campaigns to engage and inform the NZ health, safety and wellbeing community.

Contributor ideas

Our contributors are names you might be familiar with - leading health and safety experts across the globe.

Inspiration videos

We’ve put together a series of videos, detailing how health and safety thought leaders implement 1% Safer actions day-to-day.



Sign Up For Our Webinar Series

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Watch as we meet some of the One Percent Safer Book contributors, to share their practical strategies, perspectives, and insights for implementing the One Percent Safer philosophy into your workplace.

Previous webinars


How investment and M&A activity is increasingly considering ESG maturity as an indicator of value.

Group 5599 30 March, 12:30 pm (NZDT)

Mike Cosman

Chair of the Board, NZISM


George Adams

Chairman of the Boards of many Public and Private Companies


Mike Bennetts

CEO, Z Energy


The strategic value of incremental change and innovation in health and safety.

Group 5599 7 April, 12:00 noon pm (NZDT)
Webinar - Francois

Francois Barton

Executive Director, Business Leaders' Health & Safety Forum


Daniel Hummerdal

Chief Advisor Health and Safety Innovation, WorkSafe NZ


Practical tips to help you engage others and get momentum on the journey of continuous improvement.

Group 5599 16 April, 1 pm (NZDT)


Lean/ Agile Coach, HYPR


More to come

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One Percent Safer Blog

2 Powerful Leadership Actions You Can Try Today
One Percent Safer

2 Powerful Leadership Actions You Can Try Today.

An organization's ability to survive these difficult times lies in its ability to be nimble and adaptive, with strong leadership at the helm.

23 March 2021

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Group 6105

Share Your One Percent Idea And Be In To Win

Tell us how you’ll take a single step forward to improve workplace safety and be in to win a copy of the One Percent Safer book.

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Group 5900
Competition hover - Francoir

Francois Barton

Executive Director, Business Leaders' Health & Safety Forum

Good leaders stay curious and listen.

There is no one-size-fits-all, 'right' way to lead people. Trust yourself and build trust with your employees, creating strong relationships. 

Competition - Philippe rev
Group -1

Only the Paranoid Survive.

It’s easy to become risk complacent in the absence of serious incidents. Everyday, it’s important to stay alert and remain aware of what can go wrong. Avoid cutting corners, just because something is going well.

Competition hover - Philippe

Philippe Delquie

Associate Professor at The George Washington University School of Business

Competition - Tim-1
Group 6083

Tim Eldridge

Embrace Nudge Theory

Nudges are indirect suggestions in an environment that prompt certain behaviours - think the yellow 2m social distancing lines outside supermarkets during the pandemic. How can you incorporate nudges in your workplace to influence pro-safety behaviours?

Competition - Dr. Shaun
Group 6080

Prioritising a Mental Health Focus in Traumatic Times.

In a global pandemic, our lives are turned upside down and a decline in mental health is often the first sign of struggle. It’s critical that organisations prioritise wellbeing and mental health in difficult times.

Competition hover - Dr. Shaun

Dr. Shaun Davis

Global Director of Compliance & Sustainability at Royal Mail

Competition - Bridget
Group 6091

When Risk Assessing Tasks, Begin with Task Analysis.

Before putting a label explaining how risky a task is, first aim to comprehend the task in its entirety. Make sure you ask the right people and have 100% clarity about what the task entails. After all, you can’t understand risk, until you understand the task itself.

Competition hover - Bridget

Bridget Leathley

Health & Safety consultant and online trainer at The Safer Choice

Competition - Dame Judith
Group 6089

Dame Judith Hackitt

Creating a Caring Culture.

Strong relationships between employees in an organisation creates a collective engagement in safety. Foster empathetic conversations and people will feel valued and cared for.