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How working better can help workplace safety

25 September 2020

GM of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at First Gas, Craig Marriott has made it his mission to push the boundaries of safety management, asking the question, “Is there a...

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Does safety documentation save lives – or do people?

9 September 2020

Beyond ticking your risk management box, is safety documentation all that necessary for keeping people safe? At last year’s Safeguard National Health and Safety Conference in...

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5 things to look for in safety software

5 August 2020

Now more than ever, reducing risks and maintaining a culture of safety are sure-fire ways to improve health and safety performance – an integral part of long-term success....

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5 change management techniques when implementing safety software

23 July 2020

Change is inevitable for any organisation, and one of the most challenging processes organisations go through is implementing health and safety software. Jason McGeorge, Head of...

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How a top New Zealand safety expert weaves health and safety into company culture.

17th July 2020

You don’t become one of New Zealand’s leading health and safety minds overnight. It took Aston Moss nearly four decades in a range of different roles to build his stellar safety...

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4 ways NZ’s retailers used tech to navigate COVID-19

25th June 2020

There are very few industries that COVID-19 hasn’t affected. Alongside the health, economic and humanitarian challenges we’re predicted to face for years to come, the retail...

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The 3 biggest COVID-19 ‘watch-outs’ from top NZ retailers

18th June 2020

COVID-19 has been a steep learning curve that took many people by surprise. Supermarkets are among the few retailers who have been allowed to keep their doors open and New...

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7 mission-critical steps for effective health and safety leadership through crisis

18th June 2020

Since COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic, news agencies and leadership experts around the world have meticulously dissected the way those in charge have responded. The...

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5 safety lessons from lockdown with Countdown, PAK'nSAVE and Briscoes

3rd June 2020

The latest statistics from Retail New Zealand paint a bleak picture of the retail market– all except the major supermarkets. Statistics New Zealand reported a jump in grocery sales...

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How to get contact tracing right

4th May 2020

Contact tracing is an incredibly important part of containing COVID-19 – it allows your health and safety or human resources team to track down those who have been in contact with...

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