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Dependable Emergency Management Software and HSE Safety Alerts

The best safety software to help you prepare for the worst, delivering critical information when it’s needed most.

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1. Push Notification

Push notifications straight to mobile

In the face of an emergency, time is of the essence. Use safety alerts to deliver critical information straight to ecoPortal Connect App users’ mobiles as push notifications.

Traditional alarm systems often leave dangerous room for misinformation to spread. ecoPortal HSE Alerts offer a reliable and effective communication channel to all App users across the organisation.

4. Read receipts and responses

Read receipts and responses

With ecoPortal, you don't have to fly blind in an emergency. Ensure the safety of every individual is accounted for with the ability to see exactly who has seen and responded to safety alerts in real time.

Senders can see the message was received, and—when two-way communication is enabled—recipients can reply to a prompt, confirming, for example, that the requested action was taken.

2. Emergency Drills-1

Emergency drills transformed

Fulfil your legal duty as a PCBU to prepare, maintain, and implement an emergency plan by staying on top of your drills.

Accurately audit drills’ effectiveness and drive improvements: craft corrective action workflows for continual improvement, review past drills, and survey automatically scheduled future drills at a glance..

3. Digital repository

A transparent digital repository

By storing your emergency plans on ecoPortal, you can rest easy knowing they are accessible to those who will need them should an emergency strike.

You can additionally utilise the instant insights gleaned from comprehensive dashboards to track compliance and implement the actions needed to turn your emergency system into a well-oiled machine.


An emergency system that stays cool under pressure


Control the narrative with Broadcast Notifications

  • In an emergency, hearing things on the grapevine isn’t enough. Broadcasting safety alert notifications ensures people know what to do.

  • In the face of a critical situation, time is of the essence. Use safety alerts to efficiently deliver key information to keep those affected safe.

  • Internal communication clutter can scatter critical or urgent messages. Reduce this risk by targeting messages to specific locations and groups.


Account for every person’s safety

  • With ecoPortal’s emergency management system, no one gets left behind—drill down to ascertain the safety status of each individual.

  • Once you hit send on an ecoPortal alert notification, you can track delivery, seen, and response metrics in real-time.

  • Ensure critical information is delivered to exactly who needs it with stand-out safety alerts as part of a single, coordinated response.


Strengthen emergency management processes and preparedness

  • Paper can get lost. With ecoPortal, your record is digital—permanent, saved efficiently and shared easily, with trends available immediately.

  • Ensure plans and drills are up-to-date and on track to meet target response times or compliance.

  • With ecoPortal’s automatic reminder system, you can easily keep your eye on drill and review cadences for all your different case scenarios.


Emergency Management Questions

Why is emergency and disaster management important?

Effective emergency response management is crucial for safeguarding lives, assets, and reputation. Our emergency management software helps you prepare for emergencies and learn from your drills so that when real emergencies happen you know your plan has been tested.

What is an emergency response system?

An emergency response plan is a structured approach to identifying, assessing, and responding to potential hazards. Our software facilitates the creation and implementation of these plans, ensuring organisations are well-prepared for unforeseen events.

How does the software comply with Australia’s state emergency response regulations and standards?

ecoPortal's emergency management software aligns seamlessly with Australia’s emergency response regulations and standards, helping you achieve compliance and enhancing organisational resilience.

What sets ecoPortal’s emergency response software apart from others in the market?

Our software distinguishes itself through user-friendly interfaces, robust features, and adaptability. It offers a comprehensive solution, integrating emergency management, HSE safety alerts, and risk management beautifully.

Is the emergency management software customizable to different business needs?

Yes, ecoPortal's emergency response software is highly adaptable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific requirements, ensuring a personalised and effective emergency management system.

How can businesses in Australia integrate the software into their existing systems?

Integrating our software into existing systems is seamless. With flexible APIs and expert support, businesses can effortlessly merge ecoPortal with their current frameworks for streamlined emergency management.

What type of support and training is provided with the emergency response management software?

We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth transition. Our Project Managers will guide you through implementation, and our Customer Success Managers ensure you stay on the right track towards your health and safety goals after implementation, empowering users to maximise the benefits of our emergency management system.

Can the software be accessed on mobile devices for on-the-go emergency management?

Our emergency response software is designed for accessibility on mobile devices, enabling on-the-go management of safety alerts and emergency situations for all ecoPortal mobile app users, ensuring responsiveness wherever your team may be.

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