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FT1. Contractor-led-1

Contractor-led safety administration

You have a lot on your plate—let your contractors share the administrative workload and ensure nothing slips through the cracks

Assigned contractor administrators have the power to manage their own account, upload due-diligence documentation and ensure their details are always up-to-date. They can also invite, edit and remove their worker's information directly in ecoPortal's contractor management system without you lifting a finger.

FT2. Config-1

Configurable, automated workflows

Every minute of your contractor’s time counts. Keep them on task with ecoPortal’s highly configurable Contractor Management workflows, ensuring each form features only the fields relevant to the situation at hand.

Both you and your contractors can worry less when you use ecoPortal’s set-and-forget reminder functions, eliminating the need to manually monitor the expiry dates of critical safety factors such as insurance, licences, and certifications.

Mobile access

Mobile access—anywhere, anytime

Contractor work is rarely desk-bound. ecoPortal's mobile app keeps contractors up-to-date with everything safety-related with ease, while minimising work disruption.

Contractors can access to-the-minute critical safety data, receive urgent push notifications, and report events on-the-go. Tag relevant contractors in-form and they will be instantly alerted, simplifying communication between parties.

FT4. Real time data

Real-time data

ecoPortal captures real-time contractor data to build an accurate, up-to-date internal record that includes every step of the contractor safety lifecycle.

From prequalification to post-job reviews and everything in between, ecoPortal has your back at every moment, so that contractors and internal staff alike can go home healthy and safe every day.


How ecoPortal simplifies contractor safety

FT1. From Go to Whoa

From go to whoa: an all-in-one contractor management solution

  • Easily carry out due diligence, keep efficient track of approved contractors and their staff’s information from one clean and fully integrated platform.

  • ecoPortal allows you to manage the full end-to-end contractor safety lifecycle from one central location—safe, secure, and available to you anywhere, on any device—eliminating data silos and double-handling while increasing efficiency.

FT2. Make it easy for contractors..

Make it easy for contractors to do work, safely, with you

  • ecoPortal’s intuitive and user-friendly design gets contractor buy-in, empowering contractors to actively contribute to your safety initiatives.

  • Offer your contractors a pleasant, pain-free onboarding experience with multimedia-capable inductions, simple site check-in, and the ability to upload certificates, licences, and insurance information in just a few clicks.

  • You have the power to build your own pre-qualification process in ecoPortal or use ecoPortal as a repository for external pre-qualification records, satisfying your safety requirements while avoiding extra fees from double-ups. 

FT3. Mitigate risk...

Mitigate risk, ensure compliance

  • Equip contractors with on-the-go access to critical safety information like site-specific hazards, JSAs, SWMS, SSSP and Permits to Work. Empower them to report events, observations, and hazards from any device.

  • Feel confident that contractors are showing up approved and qualified with site access controls and a built-in digital log of which contractors are or have been on-site.

  • Easily monitor contractor activity and know that every contractor across your operations is meeting your safety standards by integrating your contractors into your ecoPortal health and safety system.

FT4. Maximise transparency..

Maximise transparency and back your decisions with data

  • Get the data you need, when you need it. Share it as digestible safety analytics with relevant stakeholders to identify trends and make informed decisions around present and future contractor engagements.

  • Improve data visibility and accessibility to relevant internal and external parties, providing a holistic view of contractor engagement and safety at all stages.

  • Monitor and assess contractor safety performance with ease using contractor audit, checklists, post-job review templates, and scores out of 100 based on assessment.


Contractor management software frequently asked questions

What is contractor safety management?

Contractor safety management refers to the processes and practices implemented by organisations to ensure the safety of the contractors working for them. It involves documenting due diligence carried out on the contracting organisation and employees prior to engagement, assessing and mitigating risks, providing necessary training, and monitoring compliance with safety regulations, often using contractor safety management software.

Who is responsible for contractor safety?

The PCBU hiring the contractor is ultimately responsible for the health and safety legal duties that come with contractor engagements. Where a shared duty is observed, all parties must consult, cooperate and coordinate in their safety management activities. 

Collaboration between the hiring organisation and the contractor, should be documented and kept in the likes of a contractor safety management software to ensure compliance with safety standards and minimise risks.

How does contractor management software help streamline contractor onboarding processes?

ecoPortal’s contractor management software simplifies and automates the contractor onboarding process by centralising the full process, including pre-qualification, induction, site access control, control of work, and safety and performance monitoring. It reduces administrative burdens providing contractors with access to update their own worker information, enhances efficiency, and ensures compliance with contractor safety management requirements.

How does the software ensure compliance with contractor-related regulations and standards?

The contractor management software incorporates contractor-related regulations and standards into its workflows, allowing organisations to meet their due diligence requirements and monitor contractor safety performance. It provides features such as document management, training tracking, and audit capabilities to ensure adherence to contractor safety management requirements.

How secure is the contractor management software? What measures are in place to protect contractor data?

The contractor management software employs robust security measures to protect contractor data. These measures include data encryption, access controls, regular backups, and compliance with industry standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of contractor data. Look for a provider who complies with information security management standards, such as ISO 27001.

Is there a mobile app available for contractors to access the system on the go?

Yes, our contractor management software features a mobile app that is accessible to contractors. There, contractors can report health and safety events, identify hazards, complete tasks, and communicate with the contracting organisation.

With this, the contractor is embedded into the health and safety program of the contracting organisation, ensuring standardisation across all operations. Mobile access further enhances contractor engagement, improves communication, and increases overall efficiency.

Can the contractor management software handle multiple contractor types, such as independent contractors, subcontractors, and vendors?

Our contractor management solution can handle multiple contractor types as part of the pre-qualification process. ecoPortal’s flexibility and adaptability means that independent contractors, subcontractors and vendors can be identified and separated out for reporting purposes. 

Does the contractor management software offer configurable workflows and approval processes?

Yes, the contractor management software offers configurable workflows and approval processes. Users can tailor the system to match their specific contractor safety management requirements, ensuring efficient and compliant processes that work for their organisation.

Can the contractor management software help with managing contractor insurance and liability requirements?

Yes, the contractor management software facilitates the management of contractor insurance and liability requirements. It can track insurance documentation, send reminders when insurance is due to expire and generate reports to demonstrate adherence to contractor safety management standards.

What are the system requirements for installing and using the contractor management software?

The system requirements for our contractor management software are minimal. It is a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for complex installations or dedicated hardware. Users can access ecoPortal through standard computer and phone web browsers, or use the dedicated mobile app, which also offers advanced offline capabilities. 

Is there a trial or demo available to explore the features and functionalities of the contractor management software?

Yes! Potential users can explore the features and functionalities of the system firsthand by signing up for a demonstration. Book a demo today!

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