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Clean and Compliant Injury Management Software

Simplify physical and psychosocial injury management workflow, documentation, and reporting across jurisdictions while ensuring worker wellbeing stays top of the list.

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Everything in one place

Everything in one place

With ecoPortal, you can create, store, and report all mental and physical injury, illness, claims, and return to work information and documentation in one central location, putting cross-register reports with the metrics that matter to you within arm’s reach.

Connected to other ecoPortal modules like Incident Reporting and external platforms like payroll, say bye to double-ups and hi to the one system with everything you need.

Seamless communication

Seamless internal & external communication

Easily share data like medical certificates, RTW plans, and claim forms into and out of ecoPortal.

Track email threads with insurers and medical professionals directly on the relevant page, so everything is right there. Want to share data back out? No problem! You can send files, images, or all or part of the page by email, straight from the page.


Workflows that work for you

Save yourself the time and hassle of repeating the same information across multiple forms. With the option to automatically copy injury information like name and injury details across all related reports, claims, and RTW plans, you’re free for the big stuff.

Notes logged against any stage of the injury form can be consolidated for ease of reference, too.

Forms for all occasions

Forms for all occasions and jurisdictions

Stay on top of regulatory requirements with ecoPortal’s honed-to-perfection Injury Management forms.

Templates including the Injury Form, the Claim Form, and the RTW Plan Form can be tweaked to your needs, as well as the rules of the relevant states and schemes. 




Injury Management Software That Builds a Safer, More Resilient Workplace

1. Let clear communication pave...

Let clear communication pave the way to improved RTW outcomes

  • Make ownership and accountability clear: create and assign tasks to complete or review documentation within required timeframes.

  • Give injured employees peace of mind that their personal information is on a need to know basis: Strict permissions ensure confidentiality.

  • Add worker sign-off stages to forms to ensure accuracy and alignment. Out-of-office injured employees can complete and access documentation from a desktop, tablet, or our world-class mobile app, from the comfort of home.

2. Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency: Streamline end-to-end injury management

  • Ensure every field and/or question is relevant: ecoPortal’s smart forms use conditional logic to show and hide fields based on live input.

  • Pre-configure different roles’ duties, so injury managers can easily select which duties an injured person can or cannot do at different recovery stages.

  • Give workers a consistent ecoPortal experience for fast and effortless reporting: complete incident and injury forms in the same, familiar safety system.

3. Stay compliant, and keeep...-1

Stay compliant, and keep premiums to a minimum

  • Meet regulatory timeframes, keep insurance premiums down: with ecoPortal, you can automate escalations and alerts for critical deadlines and expiration dates.

  • Easily export injury and claims data to CSV or PDF documents for audits, or provide auditors with special ecoPortal access permissions.

  • Operating across multiple jurisdictions? Use smart workflows to configure rules and timeframes based on state, scheme, or insurance type.

4. Create meaningful reports

Create meaningful reports for informed decision-making

  • See the impact of more streamlined injury management processes on key metrics, such as LTIFR, RTW outcomes, and costs over time.

  • Increase visibility and promote transparency by turning event and cost data into meaningful reports and dashboards for senior executives.

  • Integrate with your third-party tools to automatically import data and further power-up your injury reporting.


Injury Management Software FAQs

What is injury management software, and how does it work?

Injury management software helps you organise and document your injury management process for injured workers. Strong injury management software, like ecoPortal, includes features like allowing you to report incidents and injuries, load documents and supporting evidence to the system, and monitor and manage claims and return to work plans, providing a comprehensive view from one platform.

How can your software improve workplace safety?

ecoPortal enhances workplace safety by promoting clear communication, automating tasks, and ensuring compliance. It facilitates early intervention and fosters accountability, leading to improved RTW outcomes for injured persons, and reduced injury-related costs for your organisation.

What are the benefits of implementing injury management software in the workplace?

Implementing ecoPortal's injury management software enhances compliance, efficiency, and transparency. Offering seamless communication between third-parties, such as insurers, case workers and medical professionals, it reduces paperwork, speeds up processing times and fosters safer workplaces. Improved RTW outcomes ultimately reduce costs and enhance employee wellbeing across an entire organisation.

Does your software work with other safety systems?

Absolutely, ecoPortal seamlessly integrates with other safety systems and external tools. It eliminates silos, prevents double-handling, and allows for smooth data exchange. Integrating with your other everyday tools, such as payroll, makes it easier to calculate and report on key injury-related metrics, like lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR).

Is training provided for using the injury management software? And what assistance is available after implementation?

Training is provided for ecoPortal's injury management, if you want it. That said, ecoPortal is designed to be a tool anyone can pick up and use, without specific knowledge or instruction. The ecoPortal services team, and your dedicated Customer Success Manager, is always on hand to provide ongoing assistance should you need it.

How is employee information protected?

At ecoPortal, we pride ourselves on our outstanding data security. Our advanced encryption techniques protect sensitive data from unauthorised access, and come endorsed by the gold standards in accreditation, including a SOC 2 Type II attestation and an ISO 27001 compliance certification.

Within ecoPortal, employee information itself is safeguarded through strict permissions, which can be determined by individuals or roles. Psychosocial and sensitive incident and injury reports can have different workflows, if required.

Can your software help identify injury trends?

ecoPortal's software analyses data to identify real-time injury trends, enabling proactive measures to prevent future incidents. You can generate meaningful reports and dashboards, offering insights into key metrics for informed decision-making.

Can the software adapt to unique workplace needs?

Absolutely! ecoPortal's software is highly configurable to adapt to your individual workplace needs. Workflows, forms, and roles can be tailored to match specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience.

Can employees report incidents on-the-go?

Yes, employees can conveniently report incidents on-the-go using ecoPortal's mobile app. Whether on-site or off-site, online or off, they can access the system, ensuring timely reporting and swift response to incidents.

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Injuries can weigh heavily on injured workers, with the RTW process leading some employees to not return to work at all, even after they’re deemed physically fit to do so. Lighten the load and see real results from your most important metrics with ecoPortal.

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