How WHS Leaders Can Best Support Injured Employees and Their Return To Work

Matthew Green : Founder of BodyGuide | Author of I’m Sick of Being Sore
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Getting injured can be scary. Getting injured at work can be even more distressing, with employees worried not just about their health but also job security and future employment.

In this webinar, we did a deep dive into improving return-to-work outcomes for your organisation with Matthew Green, leading health practitioner, author and founder of BodyGuide.

Matt arms safety professionals with the tools they need to fully support the physical and secondary effects of workplace injuries. He also explores exactly what safety professionals need to confidently deliver best practice support, helping employees while also reducing workers' compensation costs.

On the way, you’ll also learn some relevant (& simple) neuroscience behind how we react to pain and injury, that may just help you or a loved one experiencing discomfort.

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Meet the speaker

Matt Green

Matthew Green

Founder of BodyGuide | Author of I’m Sick of Being Sore.

Matthew has 10+ years experience in Myotherapy (physical therapy) and is a fierce advocate for change in the way we approach pain and injury in the workforce.

From running his clinic, to scripting BodyGuide videos and authoring I’m Sick of Being Sore, Matt has spent the last 12 years helping people understand their bodies.

He works closely with employers, government and insurers to enable them to keep people safe in the workplace.