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Your Visitor Management System, Reimagined

Engage and delight your guests from the moment they step through your door.

Whether you have people visiting your site, or need to check contractors are approved and qualified when they arrive, do it all with our visitor management software.

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1. Efficient check-in

Efficient check-in for all guests

With personal device check-in, your guests can skip the kiosk queue, for an effortless yet efficient experience.

Simply create QR code posters for each of your site locations. Your visitors can then scan it and complete the sign-in process easily from their own mobile device.

2. Sign-in option

Choose the sign-in options for you

Prefer to use kiosks? If you’d prefer a physical check-in system instead of a QR code, set up a kiosk in three simple steps.

Similarly, if guests are in a hurry, or don’t have a personal device, administrators can check guests in and out on their behalf, so no one slips through the cracks.

Get the information you need from different parties: separate workflows for contractors and visitors are easy to create too. .

3. Contractor approval

Perform contractor approval checks in a flash

Keep a close eye over your contractors when they enter your site, by checking their pre-qualifications immediately. Whether you need to know if their insurance is up-to-date, or if they’ve completed your necessary safety induction - with a satisfactory score - have peace of mind knowing whoever’s on your site is qualified, and armed to get the job done.

4. Your guests are safe

Rest assured your guests are safe

Make sure you’re meeting your visitor and contractor safety obligations, with our comprehensive third-party sign-in solution. Easily communicate any necessary safety information, such as emergency exits and safety procedures.

With powerful integration options at your fingertips, you can combine visitor and contractor sign-in, with safety inductions, contractor pre-qualification, as well as hazards and risks awareness.


Enhance your visitor experience and safety

When your guests step onto your site, you want to achieve two things: the best possible experience for them, while keeping all parties healthy and safe. 

With seamless software that’s designed to make the visitor experience quick and painless, you’ll engage contractors and visitors alike.

Visitor Management Software App Interface: Check In Screen

Enjoy a smooth, efficient visitor sign-in experience.

  • Your guests can check in with their own devices, saving you valuable set-up time and money, and keeping the entire process streamlined, and effortless.

  • Still want to set up a kiosk? Don’t worry, our systems are simple and easy to follow - no software engineering degree needed. Get your system set up quickly, so you can manage your visitors.

  • Make our visitor management system your own! Customise the system with your branding and imagery, to ensure your guests know that they’ve come to the right place.

Visitor Management Software App Interface: Visitor Log

Keep an accurate record of all your visitors.

  • A real-time record of all visitors and their details ensures you’re meeting your security and safety requirements. Collate accurate data in one place, know who’s currently onsite at any given time, and easily contact your visitors during or after their visit.

  • Need quick access to visitor information? Export your visitor log in a few clicks of the mouse, or use your visitor data–such as time on site, visitor types, and visits by location–to create your own visitor dashboards displaying the key information.

Visitor Management Software App Interface: Module integration

Total health and safety integration.

  • Simply integrate your visitor management system with other ecoPortal solutions to power up your visitor and contractor safety management.

  • Display accurate, up-to-date health and safety information to your visitors and contractors (such as site-specific risks and hazards) on their arrival.

  • Run automatic checks on contractors when they arrive, reducing the administrative load while being assured that they are approved to be on site, their induction is up-to-date, and/or their insurance hasn’t expired.


Visitor Management Software FAQs

What is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management Software (VMS) is a digital solution that streamlines visitor management. Key features include electronic sign-in, host notifications, and real-time monitoring. VMS enhances security by automating access control and tracking visitors, preventing unauthorised access. The software improves efficiency by reducing paperwork, offering pre-registration options, and providing valuable insights through data analytics. It allows organisations to put the necessary balances and checks in place to ensure visitor safety, and is crucial for organisations seeking secure, organised, and efficient visitor management processes.

How does Visitor Management Software work?

Visitor Management Software (VMS) works by digitising the visitor check-in process. Its components include electronic sign-in, host notification, and real-time monitoring. VMS typically integrates with other systems like access control and employee databases, ensuring a seamless connection and flow of data. Upon arrival, visitors sign in electronically triggering host notifications, and their data is recorded in the system. Great VMS systems can cater to different visitor types, such as contractors, merchandisers, and landlords capturing and presenting different information as needed.

What are the different types of check-in methods supported by Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management Software (VMS) supports a broad range of diverse check-in methods. ecoPortal’s VMS offers a QR code check-in, where visitors can scan in from the ease of their own device. The software also accommodates a kiosk check-in option, where visitors can enter their own information from a company kiosk, or a manual check-in, on someone else’s behalf.

Can Visitor Management Software help with compliance and regulations?

Yes, Visitor Management Software (VMS) significantly aids efforts, but more importantly plays a big role in keeping visitors safe. VMS presents visitors with the necessary safety information they need to conduct their visit, as well as ensuring adherence to data protection laws by securely managing visitor information. VMS also generates detailed visitor logs and reports, facilitating compliance audits. This feature not only enhances security, but helps assist organisations in meeting regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Can Visitor Management Software be customised to fit specific business needs?

Yes, most Visitor Management Software (VMS) systems are customisable to specific business needs. ecoPortal’s Visitor Management Solutions provides a range of options for tailoring visitor sign-in flows, ensuring a branded and seamless experience. Our software is versatile, accommodating diverse visitor management processes across various departments or locations. This adaptability allows organisations to align the software with their specific requirements, optimising efficiency and visitor experience.

What kind of support and training is provided for implementing Visitor Management Software?

ecoPortal’s Visitor Management Software is beautifully simple, and easy to set up. With an intuitive configuration process, anyone can set it up - no IT team needed!

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