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Bolster your WHS efforts with ecoPortal Connect

Our mobile app makes participating in workplace health and safety management easy and accessible for everyone. It can even improve the quality and accuracy of information reported.


Create entries in minutes

Your risk, workplace health and safety reporting has never been easier with ecoPortal Connect. Proactively report a hazard or enter data about an accident, incident or near-miss at the tap of a screen. 

We make it simple to create or close out actions, complete a pre-start checklist or fully-fledged audit from any iOS or Android device. 


Access anytime, even offline

Experience the beauty of anytime access, where important details are never missed. Whether on-site, on the road, or off-the-grid, the ability to log an event in real-time is at your fingertips.

With second-to-none offline capabilities, you can even create, investigate and close out entries from locations where an internet connection is not always a given.


Familiar and fit-for-purpose

Filling out confusing forms doesn’t bode well for productivity. ecoPortal's WHS app has a simple, user-friendly interface that's consistent across all modules and devices, making data entry a breeze. 

Our dynamic forms adapt to the situation at hand. With no irrelevant questions, work disruption is minimal and risk and safety become part of everybody’s day-to-day. 


Multimedia capture

Not everyone wants to write lengthy essays about an event - and sometimes words don’t do a situation justice. With multimedia capture, upload photos, videos, or use voice-to-text to share critical details.

ecoPortal Connect’s functionality ensures you benefit from enriched reporting that paints a clear and accurate picture of what’s happened directly from a mobile phone.


3 ways ecoPortal Connect improves risk mitigation

WHS App Australia - Mobile one tap access

Break down barriers to active participation

  • Realise meaningful change through your WHS program. Our safety app provides an easy, seamless experience for frontline workers and removes accessibility issues.

  • No more wading through unnecessary information. Each user has a personalised app experience where they can view their own tasks and entries with a single tap. 

  • Let’s face it - we use our phones for everything: from sharing on social media to managing our banking. Risk, workplace health and safety should be no exception. 

Australian front-line worker reporting an incident within the ecoPortal health and safety app

Enriched, accurate HSEQ reporting that’s instantaneous

  • Get the level of detail you need in real-time with the help of geo-location tagging, voice-to-text and multimedia attachments, like photos and videos. 

  • Instant information and notifications allows you to take action faster, be it responding to an incident, eliminating a hazard or implementing a corrective action.

  • ecoPortal Connect facilitates increased WHS reporting and lifts the quality of those reports fostering greater outcomes for your people, prosperity and the planet.

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Tangibly develop a stronger risk culture

  • Empower your people! Put today’s data and the ability to engage and contribute to workplace safety within arm’s reach.

  • Shift the company-wide perception of risk, health and safety, from frustrating to familiar. Simplicity is at the heart of our WHS App; enabling and promoting greater individual accountability across the whole organisation.

  • People-oriented and future-focused, ecoPortal Connect is the perfect addition to your workplace safety program. It works seamlessly with our web app and ensures you get the most out of your ecoPortal investment.


Frequently asked questions

What is the ecoPortal WHS App and how does it work?

The ecoPortal WHS App, ecoPortal Connect, is designed to streamline health, safety, and risk management processes. It allows users to access critical information and tools on their mobile devices, ensuring safety compliance on the go. The WHS app works by providing a user-friendly interface to report incidents, conduct inspections, manage hazards, track actions, and communicate safety information effectively.

What are the key features and functionalities of the ecoPortal Connect App?

The ecoPortal WHS App offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities. At it’s heart is the ability to easily report incidents, identify hazards, complete audits and inspections, track actions and access important safety documentation on the go. The ecoPortal connect app is a native mobile app offering advanced offline capabilities for situations where an internet connection is not always a given. The app is designed with the end-user in mind, with features like multi-media capture and voice-to-text, making it easy for users to engage with your organisations’ health and safety program and fostering a proactive safety culture within your organisation.

How can the ecoPortal WHS App help improve workplace safety?

The ecoPortal WHS App plays a vital role in improving workplace safety. ecoPortal Connect breaks down barriers to active participation by improving accessibility and efficiency of engagement. By providing a centralised platform for managing health and safety processes, it also enhances data accuracy and in turn, visibility. The app enables quick incident and hazard reporting, even when the user is offline. Automated alerts and notifications speed up issue resolution times. It removes the need for double-handling of data with the ability to perform regular inspections and audits to identify and address safety gaps promptly, from anywhere. The app's focus on keeping safety simple encourages everyday users to be active participants in creating a safe work environment.

Is the ecoPortal Health and Safety App customisable to fit the specific needs of organizations in Australia?

Yes, the ecoPortal Health and Safety App is highly customisable to fit the specific needs of organisations in Australia as well as global businesses. It allows you to tailor the app's forms, workflows and checklist requirements to align with your unique health and safety processes. You can choose to have the same, or different forms available on web and mobile. The WHS app provides users with a personalised experience, meaning they have the things most relevant to them at their fingertips.

Does the ecoPortal Connect App integrate with other software systems commonly used in Australian organizations?

The ecoPortal Health and Safety App seamlessly integrates with other software systems commonly used in Australian organisations. It offers integration capabilities with popular systems such as HR/payroll software, point of sale software and business intelligence tools to name but a few. This integration ensures data consistency, eliminates duplicate data entry, and enables efficient collaboration across different departments, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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