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Contractor safety management that works for you

Contractors work for you; so should the way you manage their safety. Take the hassle out of your process with ecoPortal’s simple, scalable, and efficient Contractor Management module.


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Elevate your contractor safety management system with ecoPortal

ecoPortal’s Contractor Management suite streamlines contractor engagement from beginning to end and empowers contractors to actively contribute to your safety program. Seamlessly integrate with other ecoPortal modules for a holistic view of every single aspect of the contractor safety lifecycle in one place.

This module comes with…

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Contractor Manager

Easily create a record of all the contractor organisations you are engaged with, or have previously engaged with. Drill down to reveal a list of the contractor workers connected with that organisation.


Contractor administrator functions

Share the administration workload with the contractor organisation by assigning contractor administrators, who can take ownership of inviting their workers into ecoPortal and keeping their details and documentation up-to-date.


Automated reminders

Get notified ahead of key compliance review dates, such as insurances that are set to expire, so you can easily maintain and ensure compliance.


Powerful data

With ecoPortal, you have the ability to generate to-the-minute contractor reports and analytics to visualise complex data and make informed contractor management and safety decisions.


Pre-qualification simplified

Contractor due diligence is smooth sailing in ecoPortal. Use our pre-qualification template, build your own, or use ecoPortal as a repository to store external pre-qualification documents. Contractors supply insurance information and evidence of their own risk management, which is used to assess, approve, and set review dates for the engagement.


End-to-end safety management

The Contractor Management module unlocks numerous ‘power-ups’ to contractor safety management across your entire ecoPortal platform. Seamlessly stay on top of the full contractor safety management lifecycle and streamline safety across your entire operation by using the Contractor Management module in combination with our other powerful modules. 

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Like marmite and butter on toast, this module pairs well with these other ecoPortal modules



With the seamless contractor onboarding experience of ecoPortal’s Inductions module, your contractors can get on to the job as fast as possible without undercutting safety.


Engaging contractors in the onboarding process is a breeze with multimedia content and interactive quizzes. With pass/fail marks and recorded results, you can ensure safety standards are upheld across your organisation.


Induction templates ensure safety is standardised across all operations. With multimedia training on your health and safety processes you can check that key site-specific hazards and controls have been effectively communicated to contractors with built-in tests and pass/fail marks.

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Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Keep site and office access in total control. Contractors can check in with a QR code that immediately checks whether they are fully approved, inducted, and prepared to navigate the site safely.


With ecoPortal’s seamless check-in experience, approved contractors can skip the reception queues and get straight to work without the delays of manual paperwork checks.


ecoPortal’s Visitor Management module keeps a complete and accurate digital log of which contractors are or have been on-site at any time, making easy work of any audit that might be thrown your way.


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Audits & Inspection

Audits and Inspections

Post-job review templates let you easily track contractor safety performance and monitor trends to make informed decisions about future contractor engagements.


Additional contractor audit and checklist templates help you document that all compliance requirements are being met.


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Take control of your contractors’ safety with the range of pre-work job risk assessment templates for  you and your contractors.


Mitigate risks and establish appropriate controls prior to work commencing by uploading permits for high-risk activities.


Pre-work job risk assessment templates offer you the confidence that work processes are being carried out safely. JSA, Take 5s, SWMS, SSSP, SOW, Schedules, Contracts—all covered here.


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Permit to work

Permit to Work

Issue, check, and approve permits to work for high-risk activities using templates for permits including Hot Works, Work at Heights, Live Electrical Work, Confined Spaces Entry, and Fire Systems Impairment.

Conditional logic keeps forms uncluttered and efficient for the contractor, saving them time and you money.

Keep a register of all permits and use dashboards to visualise activity across the workplace.


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ecoPortal’s modules have all the features that build a safer future, today


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Customised, real-time reports

With the click of a button, customised one-off or recurring reports and charts help build a transparent safety culture that puts people first without delay.

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Mobile app and offline access

With our mobile app, you can engage in safety anywhere, reporting incidents and conducting audits and inspections in multimedia detail on- and offline.

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Automated action workflows

Save time, gain peace of mind, and take the grunt work out of your day by assigning tasks and setting automatic reminders for the assignee.

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Modular and configurable

ecoPortal’s implementation specialists collaborate with you, building a system from our expansive module library and extensive experience to match your unique requirements.

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Advanced user permissions

From system administrators to frontline workers and everyone between, ecoPortal’s flexible permissions structure ensures that each user sees only what they need to.

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A golden security standard

ecoPortal vigilantly defends your digital assets’ integrity. Our ISO 27001 certification is globally recognised proof of rigorous adherence to strict data protection standards.

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Stay audit-ready

With ecoPortal as your central repository for all your safety documentation, evidence of compliance is always at your fingertips.

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Smart, dynamic forms

Cut the chaos out of compliance. A user-friendly interface and touch-of-a-button forms drive staff engagement across the board by making safety simple.

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An integrated HSEQ hub

ecoPortal seamlessly integrates all your safety and risk systems into one holistic view of your people, learning, and data management processes.


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