AI and H&S: Future-proofing Organisational Safety


Anton Tyers, GM Safety and People, Nexus Logistics
Bede Cammock-Elliott, Founder, seeo.ai

Wednesday, 27th March | 12 noon AEDT, 2 pm NZDT | 1 hr 
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About this webinar:

Want to be at the forefront of safety? You’ll need AI on your side.

AI’s developments are already pushing the envelope in the safety space, including improvements in work design, worker education, and risk monitoring.

Join Nexus Logistics GM Safety & People Anton Tyers and seeo.ai Founder Bede Cammock-Elliott in this eye-opening session on further unlocking the potential of emerging technologies towards improved workplace health and safety.

From privacy issues to creating complacency, change leadership, through to employee engagement, AI’s ‘dark side’ also looms large. But with expert guidance from advanced safety tech champions, the brave safety leader can harness AI’s power while protecting their people from the pitfalls.

Backed up by real use-case examples and data, in this session you’ll discover:

  • H&S as a justifiable AI use-case that goes beyond hype, creating real change in practice
  • How to safely engage with emerging technologies
  • How to maximise the potential of emerging technologies, including building buy-in and increasing utilisation
  • How AI can help make safety personal
  •  Critical risks and controls in AI implementation

Who will benefit from this webinar?

The future of technology is here, not just around the corner—you could be benefitting from it right now. Whether you’re a CEO, a frontline worker, or somewhere in between, if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve, this is the webinar for you.

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Meet the speakers

Anton Tyers

Anton Tyers

GM Safety and People, Nexus Logistics

Anton has worked in the broader occupational health, safety and wellbeing field for the past 20 years, holding senior roles in Safety, HR, Manufacturing and workplace rehabilitation. He has a particular interest in the use of new and emerging technologies to support safety practices and used Industry 4.0 and AI as the cornerstone for his master’s thesis.


At a practical level, Nexus logistics has embraced AI-supported tools in behavioural safety and continues to look for ways to lead technology-supported risk management in their industry.

Bede Cammock-Elliott

Bede Cammock-Elliott

Founder, seeo.ai

Bede is a Technology Entrepreneur and Founder of seedigital (an advanced electronic security integrator) and lately of seeo.ai. seeo (the Latin for to KNOW) is an AI-driven computer vision platform that assists organisations to ‘know’ the efficacy of their critical risk controls.


Prior to his entrepreneurial adventures, Bede worked as a Change Management Consultant in Europe & New Zealand in a variety of industries. He is a published author in the UK and Brazil.