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Reporting is an essential communication tool for keeping people up-to-date. The problem is, reports take a lot of time to write, and are often not actually read in full.

ecoPortal replaces traditional reports with a suite of communication tools that people actually read, digest and act on. You will be able to keep everyone better informed and at the same time stop wasting hours writing reports.

Reporting live updates with ecoportal

Instant updates

ecoPortal’s updates let you keep everyone informed about what they need to do, and what is happening around them. People can view everything on their personal feed and contribute directly by leaving comments, voting, or actioning a particular task. The full history of each update is tracked so people can see who has done what.

Reporting email summaries with ecoportal

Email summaries

Stay updated without leaving the comfort of your inbox. ecoPortal’s email notification engine wraps up the relevant updates for you and delivers them into your inbox. Clicking on any update in the email summary will take you directly to the information you need to action a task and effectively collaborate with your team.

Reporting printable reports with ecoportal

Printable reports

Still, some people like reports on paper. Using ecoPortal’s report engine, you can create great looking reports quickly and easily.  Simply search for the information that you want to include, add a customisable theme, then generate a digital report that will update automatically as new data becomes available. You can then share it securely online or click print to get a traditional report.

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