Health and Safety

Transform confusing paper forms, complex spreadsheets, and clunky software into a modern management system. ecoPortal is a cloud-based health and safety and integrated management system implemented and configured to suit your requirements.

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  • Easy to use – Collecting information from multiple points has never been this easy or engaging.  ecoPortal’s workflows change based on your choices to make sure that you quickly have access to only the questions that you need, eliminating time sinks, confusion, and information silos and replacing it with a tool that you can adopt into your working day. 
  • Available – Built for the web, ecoPortal is available on any device with a browser. No additional installation or infrastructure required. It’s ready to go, on your mobile, tablet and desktop, with no lapse in functionality.
  • Immediate feedback – Get immediate feedback from the data that is entered, For instance, a serious harm can be identified from an input and a suggested course of action can be shown automatically. 


  • Dashboards – Claim back the time that you spend on analysis with customisable dashboards that can be configured to information based on location or business unit and then drilldown to gain an exact understanding
  • Search & Filter – Powerful search and filtering tools make it easy to find the information or insights required.  These search queries can be saved and reviewed over time.
  • Live Graphs – Graphs are generated from search queries in the register and they automatically update as soon as new information is added.


  • Powerful events – Time bound alerts can be added to pages that will prompt notifications to be sent at predetermined time to a predetermined person or group. 
  • Tracking and monitoring –  Every action is recorded and users with appropriate permissions can review the activity of a particular person or track and monitor a series of actions through to completion.
  • Sign off –  An important functionality of any management system is a transparent sign-off procedure. ecoPortal utilises the notification and escalation process to ensure that processes are signed off and don’t fall through the cracks


  • Make your strategy visible – Take your strategy document and express it as a diagram with the strategy wheel. Everyone will know at a glance where the organisation currently is, where it wants to go, how it’s going to get there, and how it’s progressing.
  • Email summaries – Stay updated without leaving the comfort of your inbox. ecoPortal’s email notification engine wraps up the relevant updates for you and delivers them into your inbox. Clicking on any update in the email summary will take you directly to the information you need to action a task and effectively collaborate with your team.
  • Instant updates – ecoPortal’s updates let you keep everyone informed about what they need to do, and what is happening around them. People can view everything on their personal feed and contribute directly by leaving comments, voting, or actioning a particular task. The full history of each update is tracked so people can see who has done what.

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