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We get logistics H&S.

We've assisted with the transformation of safety culture at some of New Zealand's largest logistics companies. Watch our video below to see how logistics and transport companies can drive better safety performance using tech.

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Why ecoPortal?

We drive transport and logistics health and safety

Are you a safety leader in a logistics organisation? With large fleets scattered domestically, or globally - not to mention dangerous and hazardous goods - we know a H&S leader has their work cut out for them.

Having worked with New Zealand's largest logistics companies - from international freight giants, to the largest gas distributors, we know a thing or two about empowering logistics safety leaders to keep their people safe. 

Our highly configurable, easy-to-use transportation logistics safety software is perfectly suited to benefit large-scale fleets with complex, widespread operations.

Our out-of-the-box templates are polished and logistics-focused, and our Customer Success Team are experts in collaborating with transport clients to meet their particular needs.

ecoPortal health and safety software

What logistics giants do we help keep safe?

Logistics health and safety client: Manfreight


Mainfreight is a global logistics provider, with branches across branches across Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and the Americas Mainfreight offers managed warehousing and international and domestic freight forwarding. 

Logistics health and safety client: Alexander Group

Alexander Group

Alexander Group are specialists in the transportation and distribution of hazardous and high-value goods. Their network stretches around the globe with specialised freight forwarders, providing safe, secure freight servicing.

Logistics health and safety client: Nexus Logistics

Nexus Logistics

Nexus Logistics offers its customers a comprehensive container logistics solution, taking the pain of fragmented port logistics away from importers, exporters, and manufacturers, getting containers to customers and to ships for the global market on time.

5 reasons ecoPortal is the top safety platform for logistics


A safer fleet, on and off the grid.

Noticed a hazard on a delivery route? Something up with the truck? The most critical part of an effective safety system is the people who use it. Wherever they are, ecoPortal gives every worker the power to record incidents, near-misses, and any hazards right from the palm of their hand.

  • With ecoPortal Connect, our mobile app, drivers and operators can use photo, video and audio functions to capture incidents faster, and with greater detail.

  • ecoPortal Connect automatically syncs with the ecoPortal web application as soon as you’re back online.

h&s software-better safety culture

Increased safety, increased revenue.

Can you demonstrate a strong safety culture when sending an RFP? Companies looking to hire logistics companies are increasingly looking into the safety record of the organisation - mitigating potential harm to their own image, and lessening their risk profile.

  • Partnering with ecoPortal and developing a robust safety system can be the difference between attracting new clients, and increasing revenue.

  • Organisations want to work with other organisations that not only keep their goods safe, but keep everybody involved safe.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where?

h&s-software-better workforce

Struggling to attract and retain the best drivers?

The very best drivers are hard to find and harder to retain. Do your drivers feel safe and secure? Does your commitment to health and safety attract the best talent? ecoPortal encourages confidence that your commitment to safety and wellbeing is second to none.

  • Assure drivers with accurate data on hazardous substances, training, gear, if incidents are being investigated, and if preventative actions have been made.

  • Give your people the advanced technology they need to feel looked after, and impress talented candidates with a safety culture that shows they will be cared for.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where?

h&s-software- fully integrated platform

Integrate ecoPortal with your other systems.

Many transport companies want to integrate an existing system with a WHS system. The integration advantage is accessing information in existing systems without the additional user burden of using multiple software systems.

For example; one of our clients integrates ecoPortal with their Vehicle Management System. When a crash or accident happens, the VMS detects the incident, and the vehicle camera automatically sends the last 30s of video to the company cloud, which automatically creates an ecoportal accident report.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where?


Our customer success team are logistics specialists.

Tired of working with support teams and systems that aren’t made for logistics? Feeling like you’re having to adapt your approach, rather than the other way around?

By partnering with ecoPortal, you not only get access to a world-class health and safety platform, but also get all the logistics best-practice templates, workflows and forms that we have developed over the years by partnering with several large transport and logistics organisations across Australasia.

This will give you a massive jumpstart in helping you achieving your safety goals and objectives.



Modules to help you manage health and safety

Incidents & Events-1

Incidents / Events

Record all your accidents, incidents and near-misses using ecoPortal's dynamic forms. Stages can be set up to manage incidents/events from report and investigation to close-out.

Has the ability to configure workflows to align with business processes from standard risk-escalation to sensitive or confidential reporting.

Contractor Management

Keep a record of all contractors you engage with alongside evidence of their risk management. Monitor insurance information, and link contractor monitoring activities to ensure compliance.
ISO-45001 Gap Analysis

ISO 45001 Compliance

Use the ISO gap analysis templates to work towards and maintain compliance with international standards and provide high-level progress reports to the leadership team and board.


Store your people records including information like employment type, contact, medical and emergency details. This data is used to manage access and functionality permissions.

This module can also be integrated with your HR software to automate data updates.
Hazardous substances

Hazardous Substances

Keep track of your hazardous substances, upload your data sheets, assign review dates and actions to maintain safety and compliance.



Keep a record of all PPE gear and who it's been allocated to. Set reminders for when PPE is close to its inspection or expiry date to ensure your people have the appropriate level of protection.



Create inductions for your site, project or workplace and have people complete them in ecoPortal. Maximise engagement using a mix of content (including text, images, videos and files), ask questions to confirm understanding, set a pass mark and record the result.


Create inductions for your site, project or workplace and have people complete them in ecoPortal. Maximise engagement using a mix of content (including text, images, videos and files), ask questions to confirm understanding, set a pass mark and record the result.
Visitor Management-1

Visitor Management

Keep accurate visitor logs that show who is and has been at your site or office at any given time. Allow visitors and contractors to check-in by scanning a QR code on their own device and/or via a kiosk (kiosks are optional). Ask screening questions, get them to agree to terms and conditions and notify hosts of their guests arrival.

Use with Contractor Management Module for the ability to run extra checks ensuring only approved contractors are allowed to check in.


Record any type of meeting, track attendance, assign actions and upload meeting minutes.

Risks & Hazards

Hazards / Risks

Store your hazard and risk information in an easily accessible register or registers, so your team can assess the uncontrolled risk, implement controls, grade the effectiveness of the controls and the residual risk. Has the ability to assign actions, set a review date and approve the review or close out with a sign-off from an authorised user. Risks and controls can be linked to incidents/events to assist with investigations and understanding what has worked and what has failed.

An optional control register is available so you create a library of controls to create consistency in risk mitigation across your entire organisation.
Induction & Training

Training Record

Store and manage all your training, licence and certification records in one place. Get notified of upcoming expiry dates before they fall due.
Audits & Checklists

Audits & Inspections

Create multiple audit forms and checklists for the recording of internal and external audits and inspections.

Create actions within the audit entry and assign them to individuals. Attach multimedia, such as photos and videos as evidence and escalate completed audits for final sign-off.


Create and assign actions relating to any element of your health and safety program. Set up reminders to be sent to relevant people before their actions fall due.

Have visibility over the origin of all actions, keep track of their status and completion timeframe via charts and dashboards.
Infectious Disease


Track the health and isolation status of employees, manage contractor declarations and mitigate infectious disease transmission throughout your business.
Assets & Equipment

Assets & Equipment

Keep a register of assets, plant and equipment and assign review or maintenance dates with the appropriate notifications to the people responsible.
Injury Management

Return to Work

Schedule and document your injury management process for injured workers and upload any documents and supporting evidence.

Monitor and manage their return to work, moving the from fully unfit, to alternative or part-time duties, to medically cleared for normal work tasks.

Permit to Work

Issue, check and approve permits to work for high risk activities. Keep a register of all permits and use dashboards to visualise activity across the workplace.

Policies & Procedures

Build your policies and procedures and share them with the relevant stakeholders, while maintaining version control.
Connect these to risks, events and other forms if required.
Reports 2

Reporting & Analytics

Automate report building with the information you need to manage risk using data from multiple Modules.

Create monthly/quarterly/annual reports with charts and tables linked to the underlying data.

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