Broadcast Notifications: Delivering critical information fast


In the face of a serious incident, emergency or evolving situation, time is of the essence.
You need to be confident in your ability to not only alert people quickly to the situation at hand, but deliver critical information to keep those affected safe.

  1. Our Broadcast Notifications module provides a reliable and effective way to send safety alerts, informing people via a single, coordinated response. No matter the gravity of the situation, you can be sure that vital information and/or instructions are in the hands of the people that need it.

Safety alerts designed to cut through any clutter

Broadcast notifications provide you with a streamlined way to deliver stand-out messages straight to ecoPortal Connect App users’ mobiles as push notifications. You can tell everybody or send only to people affected by the situation.

Notifications can also be tailored to the severity of the event:

  • Alert notifications are attention-grabbing visually and can be pinned to the App header so they stay front and centre for the duration set. These are ideal for an emergency situation and are designed to raise awareness as quickly as possible.

  • General notifications are the perfect solution for non-critical events, like testing the fire alarm or an out-of-order amenities block and are more subtle in nature.



Strengthen your emergency management response

In an emergency, you don’t want people relying on what they heard on the grapevine. Broadcast Notifications enable you to take control of the narrative around any given situation and instil calm with concise messages telling people what to do or where to go.

You can enable two-way communication on your Alert Notifications by asking people to provide a response. This could simply be an acknowledgement of the message being received or confirmation that the person is safe or has taken the requested action.

Once you hit send, you can track delivery, seen and response metrics in real-time, as well as drill-down to ascertain the safety status of each individual.


6 ways Broadcast Notifications will benefit your business

  • Ensure critical information is delivered to exactly who needs it with stand-out safety alerts;
  • Control the narrative around a situation with clear, concise messaging that ensures people know what to do;
  • Tailor notification settings to capture the scope of any situation; including send time, duration and how and where it appears in the ecoPortal Connect App;
  • Strengthen and improve your emergency response processes by reducing alert times, providing detailed instructions and requesting a response.
  • Account for the safety of every individual by tracking delivery, seen and response metrics in real-time;
  • Reduce internal communication clutter, by targeting messages to specific locations or groups of people.


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How can I get started with this Module?

Whether you are dealing with a non-critical event or a full-scale emergency, Broadcast Notifications is an indispensable tool for your safety toolbox.

Contact us to learn how you can start pushing Broadcast Notifications via the ecoPortal Mobile app or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
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Daniel Alexander

Head of Product, ecoPortal