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How Safety Managers Can Empower Officers/Directors To Fulfil Due Diligence Obligations

Craig Bleakley :  Award Winning Health And Safety Trainer, ecoPortal
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About this webinar

Are you - the Safety manager and PCBU - fully aware of the obligations your Board and Executives must meet? Is the appropriate information moving up and down the chain?

Not always. It’s commonplace to be siloed by fractional information in our day-to-day roles, losing sight of the full picture (or perhaps you were never shown it). Legal tolerance is waning for Officers and Directors. Prosecutions are no longer idle threats. Charges are being filed across Australia and New Zealand, either because of apathy, ignorance or naivety.

How can we ensure that our Officers and Directors have all the up-to-date, accurate relevant data they require to promote visibility and make key decisions?

In this webinar,  health and safety professional and award-winning trainer, Craig Bleakley, will share what proper success looks like. The webinar will discuss how real companies and their health and safety teams have created systems, measures, and processes that significantly assisted their Officers in fulfilling their obligations - as well as sharing the outcomes from the point of view of a successful Officer. We’ll also dive into an equally important question: what does bad look like?

What you will learn 
  • What is required of an Officer by WorkSafe and legislation.
  • How best practice has been achieved: real examples of how companies can create the systems and processes for Officers to be able to fulfil their obligations
  • How to achieve best practice: Encouraging/demanding officers visit workplaces, talk to workers, and see things first-hand. Implement robust safety software with no barriers, supporting full engagement and appropriate hierarchies.

Who will benefit from this webinar?
Heads of Wellbeing & Safety, HR Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Senior Executives, Health, Safety & Wellbeing professionals, Board Members, Directors, PCBUs

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Meet the speaker


Craig Bleakley

Award Winning Health And Safety Trainer, ecoPortal

Craig Bleakley is an accredited health and safety professional and award-winning health and safety trainer who has been instructing business owners and company directors - alongside H&S managers and representatives - in all aspects of health and safety management for over 10 years.