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In this webinar, Matthew Green dissects the cost of injuries and injury prevention programmes and explains how safety leaders can build a business case to unlock the budget to implement these preventative programmes


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Connect with Matthew Green

To continue the conversation about manual handling injury prevention,  get in touch with Matthew Green

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eBook + BodyGuide Info Pack

For more information on manual handling, BodyGuide and the ebook, click here

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Body Literacy Video

Watch this quick tip from BodyGuide. For more information on how to understand your body, contact BodyGuide



Our Next Webinar Is On 27th April 2023


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Join us on the 27th of April for our next webinar where webinar where Andi Csontos and Amy McKie of Ernst and Young Australia explore transformative strategies to manage health, safety and wellbeing. through worker-led problem solving, system simplification and innovation.