ecoPortal for management

managing the health and safety of your business should be as simple as possible.

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Live Dashboards

An up to the minute, complete overview of how your risk management system is tracking

  • Quickly communicate trends
  • Deep dive into the graphs
  • See the changes to your data as they happen

See it your way

Get control of your risk management data by using visualisations to find new trends

  • Graph data sets with pie charts, line charts and bar graphs
  • Look up data with customisable card views
  • Use tables to make quick comparisons

Dashboard filtering

Separate your risk data into meaningful measurements. Filter by branch, date, type, etc and then save it into custom dashboards for quick reference.

  • Use multiple filters at the same time
  • Easily search your whole system
  • Filter by any form field

Keep your operation running smoothly

Assign tasks to your team and automatically set them timely reminders.

  • Time based escalations
  • Easy task auditing
  • Muiltiple automatic task assignment options
"We’ve managed to slash LTIFR by two thirds in the 18 months that thl has been using ecoPortal."
Jeff Mackrell
H&S Advisor at THL
Can View
Can Edit
Can Permission


ecoPortal's flexible permissions engine drives notifications, editing and viewing ability across different user groups.

  • Customised experiences for each role
  • Hide registers and forms from user groups
  • Control file editing and viewing permissions

Flexible Forms

Build forms that are flexible and change to suit your business requirements

  • Use over a dozen different form elements
  • Style your forms to your company's branding and language
  • Attach and reference other forms, files and URLs
  • Flexible workflows

    ecoPortal's workflows are flexible enough to support changes to your business requirements.

    • Bring your business processes into ecoPortal
    • Assign responsibilities to each role
    • Use multiple steps and signoffs
    • "We’ve managed to slash LTIFR by two thirds in the 18 months that thl has been using ecoPortal."
      Jeff Mackrell
      H&S Advisor at THL

    Integrate your system

    It is essential to have your business software applications integrated around a single database and business process.

    • Eliminate double ups between systems
    • Make significant time and cost savings
    • Dramatically improve the overall visibility of your system

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