Wherever, whenever

Wherever, whenever

Logging events has never been this fast and easy

  • Can be used on any modern browser
  • Full functionality on mobile devices
  • Built in Single Sign-On (SSO)
"We’ve managed to slash LTIFR by two thirds in the 18 months that thl has been using ecoPortal."
Jeff Mackrell
H&S Advisor at THL
Get started fast

Get started fast

Everything you need is ready and waiting for you on your personal dashboard.

  • Shortcuts to your forms
  • Manage your to-do list
  • Keep on top of upcoming events
Forms you'll want to fill in

Forms you'll want to fill in

ecoPortal forms change based on the information entered, ensuring that you'll only have to fill out the relevant parts and you'll have access to help files and support if you get stuck.

  • Use buttons, drop-down lists and datepickers
  • Dynamic forms change based on your input
  • Forms are always at their latest version
Rich Media

Rich Media

Make your forms engaging by including photos, videos and audio files when filling them out

  • Fill in form fields with your voice
  • Capture the important moments with photos and videos
  • Add relevant reference documents to your form

Onto the next stage

ecoPortal forms let you know when all of the required information has been filled in and you're ready for the next stage in the process.

  • Collaborate with your team and assign tasks
  • Save a draft and come back later
worker reviewing incident on mobile
a few seconds ago
Hi Mark, could you please look over the dates on this form?

Get feedback

Good communication is important for operations to run smoothly. You'll get notifications, tasks and comments to keep you on track.

  • Comment on any field within a form
  • Get bundled notifications in your email
  • Get assigned tasks
“It makes your reaction time to events and incidents immediate. I’ve been notified and have reacted to important accidents straight away that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen for at least a day.”
Reinhardt Zyl
Health & Safety Coach and Coordinator, Holmes Group

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