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A Spoonful Of Safety Helps the Medicine Go Down



Working in every facet of animal health - from developing new drugs, all the way to manufacturing those drugs for global markets - it’s safe to say that Argenta Global knows a thing or two about keeping animals healthy, and safe.

“The focus of this business is to make the lives of animals better, and in doing that, that helps people.” explains Global Head of HSE, Alison Eastham.

The relationship between animals and humans is a special one, making the idea of community central to the Argenta mission.

Working with an interdependent relationship like this has shaped the team’s attitude towards health and safety. From the very top managerial group, down to the frontline manufacturers, staying healthy and safe is prioritised and celebrated.


A Legacy Forged In Safety

The Argenta team didn’t need ecoPortal to guide them towards a better safety culture - that safety culture already existed. What they did need was a system to match.

Alison sums it up perfectly: “Health and safety is always being integrated here, because it has to be.”

Their team is spread across the world. While the range makes it more challenging to keep everyone safe, it doesn’t mean anyone’s exempt from industry-leading safety practices. “It’s an expectation from our management team, right the way down to the organiser’s station.”


Accelerating Progress With Flying Colours

Enter ecoPortal - the natural ally to an already thriving safety culture at Argenta.

To nurture and grow an already-strong safety culture, continuing to foster engagement is a must. The team starts their day off with a safety briefing, an opportunity for leaders to help set the daily direction, and for others to voice any concerns.

If an incident is raised, it’s quickly dealt with; a testament to the thriving, grassroots safety culture that’s simply a part of Argenta Global’s routine.

With ecoPortal, the briefings have only become easier.

“The very first agenda item on the site leadership team meeting is a review of ecoPortal,” explains General Manager, Peter Lord.

The software has become an indispensable tool, augmenting the efficiency of the safety routines that are second nature to the Argenta team. Using ecoPortal, each member of staff has an easier path to share their opinions, or flag any risks they might have noticed.

“ecoPortal has really helped us, in terms of being able to capture people’s voices,” Eastham elaborates, “In turn, this enables us through the action manager, to assign actions to actually address anything that we may have seen, before an incident actually does happen.”

With ecoPortal, the team can capture all the relevant data, then continue to monitor how actions are being addressed, and make sure they’re closed off promptly.


Cultivating A Culture of Confidence

Argenta’s entire team feels more confident than ever that their voice matters - and they’ll see action. There’s little point in giving your team a platform to share their voice, if nothing is done about concerns raised. ecoPortal’s ease of follow-through strengthens Argenta’s safety culture, and the safety leadership team has noticed.

“People are putting more and more in the system,” adds Alison, “...which gives us a better picture of what’s actually happening in the organisation.”

The team loves the ease of access, and the comment section where they can elaborate on any points raised. If more information is needed, it’s easy enough to add it; without becoming a chore.

“When you’ve got manual forms for people to fill out, you don’t ever get that clear picture. But when you’ve got a dynamic system like ecoPortal, where something can be reported as it happens, our people can be proactive, before something goes badly wrong,” says Alison. “We’re in a much better position, and that empowers us with the visibility and the opportunity to then do something with that.”

With ecoPortal at the helm, Argenta continues to forge ahead, setting new benchmarks for safety standards in the dynamic landscape of animal health. Their team is noticeably more engaged, and connected with each other. Their health and safety systems operate like a well-oiled machine, and the results speak for themselves.


When you’re ready to plan the right health and safety software for your business, you can try a demo or get in touch with the team at ecoPortal.