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Meaningful data and ecoPortal

Thursday 18th May - 1.00pm (UTC/NZT)


  • Making data accessible to everyone.
  • How to leverege the leading and lagging indicators in ecoPortal's powerful reporting engine.
  • How to use dashboards and filters in ecoPortal to drilldown into site specific information and make data accessible through visualisation.

Webinar Overview

Meaninginful data and ecoPortal

Thursday 18th May - 1.00pm (UTC/NZT)

Presented by Dr. Manuel Seidel

Sales & Implementation Director

Have you ever felt the pain of mulling over complex unrelated spreadsheets to gain insights into your company’s practices?  It’s a pain that is only deepened by trying to explain your findings to someone else.  Using graphs and infographics for data visualisation is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a manner that is accessible to everyone.

During this webinar, Dr. Manuel Seidel will show you how to quickly gain value and a new level of understanding from your company’s health and safety data by using ecoPortal to:

  • Identify areas of your company that need attention or improvement.
  • Clarify which factors are influencing your health and safety data.
  • Help you to make data driven decisions and benchmark against previous data.
  • Predict where the most resources need to be allocated.