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ecoPortal Connect is a simple, beautiful and intuitive way to increase staff engagement in health and safety.


ecoPortal Connect is a simple, beautiful and intuitive way to increase staff engagement in health and safety.

ecoPortal health and safety app offline mode

No internet? No problem! Offline mode is here. 

  • Got workers in remote locations? Or got unlucky with a patchy mobile connection at a worksite? No issues. Log an incident or a near-miss even when you don't have an internet connection.
  • ecoPortal Connect will sync to the ecoPortal web app as soon as a hint of connectivity is in the air.
  • Access all your risks and hazards - anytime, anywhere, any device.
Aston Moss-1-1

“It enables us to summarise where our performance is, and we can share that with stakeholders who need to understand that. Knowing where you are, becomes incredibly important when you have a bold and ambitious goal.”

Aston Moss, General Manager - HR, Briscoe Group

ecoPortal Health and Safety app new events
ecoPortal health and safety app - Log new events

Log new events at the touch of a button.

  • Reporting incidents, accidents and near misses is a breeze - fast, easy and intuitive.
  • All events reported by the workforce are synced with the ecoPortal web app, giving you accurate instant and accurate visibility.
  • Access all your event capture forms with associated risks and hazards on the go.
Sheryl Dawson-1

“We’ve seen more incidents reported - which is a good thing. It’s really exciting that at the push of a button you can see these reports and graphs and use them to make determinations and improve the safety culture within your organisation.”

Sheryl Dawson, CEO, McFall Fuel

ecoPortal health and safety app - notifications
ecoportal health and safety app - notificationsication-1-1

Receive notifications and information in real time.

  • Understand what’s happening, where it’s happening, and take action immediately.
  • Boost participation and engagement across all your staff.
Reinhardt Zyl-1

“It makes your reaction time to events and incidents immediate. I’ve been notified and have reacted to important accidents straight away that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen for at least a day.

- Reinhardt Zyl, Health & Safety Coach and Coordinator, Holmes Group

ecoPortal health and safety app - rich media
ecoPortal health and safety app - Photos, video or audio

Capture and share relevant photos, videos and audio.

  • Go beyond the written word. Use video to easily record accurate accounts and statements, enriching the reporting of hazard and risk events.
  • Attach multimedia as evidence to any site inspections or audits.
  • Get an in-depth account of incidents by using more engaging and richer forms of content - images, audio and videos.
Amy R-1

“The multimedia functionality is great, it’s not just a written document. We’ve been making videos for safety procedures, which we can put into the system, linking the forms, hazards, and videos together.”

- Amy Richards, Health & Safety Manager, Giesen Group

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