Co-designing Your Next Change Effort To Improve Wellbeing And Performance

A practical exploration of creating effective change in workplaces
Amanda Clements - Founding Director, The Collective Lab
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Why focus on organisational change?

Did you know that 70% of changes fail to meet their intended goals? And that change designed and delivered poorly is one of the main contributing factors to psychological harm in the workplace?

For years, companies have been mostly putting resources into secondary interventions and wellbeing promotion when it comes to the mental health of their employees. Think employee assistance programs, mental health first aid, and wellbeing speakers. 

While these are useful initiatives, they’re not necessarily the most effective use of company resources to combat root causes of mental distress. To truly make the greatest difference, companies need to instead focus more heavily on primary prevention and good work design. 

The challenge here is that many leaders and HR/HSE practitioners are still unsure of how to actually go about designing work in a way that not only prevents psychosocial harm, but actually improves people’s wellbeing.

To bridge that gap, this workshop will shine a spotlight on one of the main psychosocial risks, poor organisational change, as well as provide an alternative approach to tackling change that's proven to have a positive impact on people and performance.

What will this interactive and practical workshop explore?
  • Why the common "change management" approach often fails
  • Myth-busting long-held beliefs about change
  • The link between change design and psychosocial risk
  • What "co-design" means and how to apply it
  • Practical real-world examples of changes that had a positive impact

If you're committed to challenging the status quo and having a real tangible and meaningful impact on people’s lives, then this webinar is for you. 

Move over fruit bowls - the time for redesigning work and preventing harm is here.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

CEOs, Heads of HR, Chief People Officers, Heads of Wellbeing and Safety, HR Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Health, Safety and Wellbeing professionals and People Leaders.

How can I get the most out of this webinar?
By filling the co-design section of the form, you will be helping to co-design this webinar. 

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Meet the speaker


Amanda Clements

Founding Director, The Collective Lab

Over the past 15 years, Amanda has been dedicated to improving organisational performance and enabling people to thrive at work using the most advanced and innovative strategies.

She draws on a variety of disciplines including contemporary safety science, organisational psychology and design, business and management, neuroscience, and human resources in her multi-faceted approach to create a sustainable workplace where people can perform at their very best.

Having worked at some of Australia’s largest, most successful, and high-risk companies, she can help bring about real-world improvements and positive change in people’s lives.

Her aim is to provide practical and evidence-informed solutions for organisations to help them break free from ineffective and outdated strategies so they can rise above mediocrity and become industry leaders.


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