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We get retail WHS.

Foodstuffs North Island - better known by its flagship brands, PAK’nSAVE and New World - is New Zealand's largest retail employer. How does ecoPortal empower this retail giant to keep its people safe?

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Why ecoPortal?

Your one-stop shop for retail WHS

We know managing WHS in a retail environment is complex, to say the least. With large numbers of locations and employees, a retail WHS leader has their work cut out for them.

Having empowered over 50,000+ retail employees across 800+ locations at NZ’s largest supermarket chain, largest hardware chain, and the biggest departmental stores, we know a thing or two about empowering retail safety leaders to keep their people safe.

Our highly configurable, easy-to-use retail solution is perfectly suited to benefit large-scale, multi-store franchises, co-operatives and company owned businesses.

Our templates are polished and retail-focused, and our Customer Success Team is expert in collaborating with retail clients to meet their needs.

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How does ecoPortal help retailers?

Jason McGeorge - our retail safety risk management expert - has led the transformation of safety culture at some of Australasia’s largest retailers. In this video, he shares the top 5 things retailers can do to drive better safety performance using tech

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What retail giants do we help keep safe?


Foodstuffs North Island

Like Woolworths, Foodstuffs North Island is a supermarket conglomerate consisting of New Zealand’s biggest supermarkets, Pak’n Save and New World. There are 330 stores servicing the North Island.


Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is New Zealand's largest hardware, DIY and building supplies retail chain. A beloved brand, there are over 80 stores across the country.

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Resene is one of Australia's largest manufacturers of colours, coatings, and paints.


Bank of New Zealand

Like it’s parent company, NAB, Bank of New Zealand is one of the largest financial institutions in NZ, with 180 branches and centres across the country.



Like Myers, Farmers is New Zealand’s largest and most trusted department store, specialising in fashion, beauty, toys, homeware and whiteware.


Briscoe Group

Briscoes is similar to Adairs, and the biggest homeware store in country. Briscoe Group also owns Rebel Sports, NZ's biggest sportswear retail store.

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5 reasons ecoPortal is the top safety platform for retailers


Every store, accounted for.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where? 

  • Streamline your WHS and risk management with a central source of truth, across limitless stores and locations.

  • Take a birds-eye-view and identify the trends effecting your retail enterprise.

  • Take proactive, remedial and preventive actions at a large scale, or hone in on individual retail store performance.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where?


Easy to use, from the shop floor to the board.

Struggling to engage the front-line staff because of complex reporting procedures? Does your current system require too much training?

  • Promote engagement with a highly visual, intuitive system that really is as simple as using Facebook.

  • Give everybody the power to record and report with ease and simplicity.

  • Keep confidential information secure with permission settings, so people can provide and access the information they require.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where?


Save time on reporting, spend time proactively.

How much time do your Supervisors or WHS Advisors spend  between multiple sites, inspecting and manually entering data points, or filling out reports?

  • Inspect and follow up on safety compliance issues, accessing the data of multi-site operations from a single platform.

  • Drastically lower the time spent working reactively in safety and spend more time working proactively on safety.

Having trouble gathering data and collating information about what’s happening, and where?


Empower everybody, with any device.

Noticed a water leak making the floor slippery? Take a photo and upload it. Dangerous forklift operation in the distribution centre? Take a video.

  • With ecoPortal Connect, our offline-capable, easy-to-use mobile app, you can use photo, video and audio to capture incidents faster, and with greater detail.

  • Leverage the app to get more people engaged with safety, drive behavioural change, and make decisions based on events happening on the shop floor in real-time.


Our customer success team are retail specialists.

Tired of working with support teams and systems that aren’t made for retail? Feeling like you’re having to adapt your approach, rather than the other way around?

By partnering with ecoPortal, you not only get access to a world-class retail focused WHS platform, but also get all the retail best-practice templates, workflows and forms that we have developed over the years by partnering with several large retailers in Australasia.

This will give you a massive jumpstart in helping you achieving your safety goals and objectives.

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Modules to help you manage WHS

Incidents & Events-1

Incidents and Events

Track, manage and report on all incidents, near-misses, injuries and other events with this easy-to-use module that slashes administrative effort and raises reporting accuracy, frequency and engagement.

Contractor Management

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ISO-45001 Gap Analysis

ISO 45001 Gap Analysis

With ecoPortal, you can identify where your organisation's processes, candidates, skills, and more are falling short. You can then begin to define the necessary steps to get from the current state to the desired state. Use the gap analysis as an internal improvement tool, and if desired prepare for and manage the external audit and certification process.


Store your people records including information like employment type, contact, medical and emergency details.
Hazardous substances

Hazardous Substances

Keep track of your hazardous substances, upload your data sheets, and maintain compliance.



Empower management to identify hazards and address significant operational risks by summarising criteria and assessing the risk associated with job tasks across the business.


Keep your PPE up to date and remind you when PPE is close to its inspection or replacement date.


Keep people safe by ensuring they are appropriately trained to manage any risks on site. Use this module to induct employees and contractors into your site, project or workplace.


The Site-Specific Safety Plan module includes a range of pre-start-up and startup processes that bring together and encompass all the risks, training and other associated requirements to ensure everybody is aware and prepared to start work.


Record any type of meeting, track attendance, record follow-up actions.

Risks & Hazards

Risks and Hazards

Proactively identify hazards and risks in the workplace and implement the appropriate controls. Systematise your ability to respond to incidents, clarify accountability and reduce risks to your people and workplace.
Induction & Training

Training and Competence

Maintain an up-to-date record of staff training and competencies,  along with the ability to upload certificates and other qualifying documentation.
Audits & Checklists

Audits and Checklists

Save time gathering information by instantly generating important, relevant reports detailing checklist and audit data. Provide transparency to the board, making sure risk at any level of the business is identified and the company remains compliant.


Create and assign improvement actions relating to all elements of your risk management  program - you will have full visibility of the status of these actions.


Track the health and isolation status of employees, manage contractor declarations and mitigate
COVID-19 transmission throughout your business.
Assets & Equipment

Assets and Equipment

Develop an effective equipment maintenance programme with a register of all assets, the particular maintenance schedule attached to each, and receive the appropriate notifications.
Injury Management

Injury Management

This module offers organisations a superior, simplified way to deal with their medical certificates, return-to-work plans, and other injury-related issues.


Raise awareness of the risks associated with job tasks and environments. Ensure that employees and contractors are always informed of the risks relevant to their jobs.


Don’t lose track of what should happen - record and keep all your policies in one place! Use this module to record all declarations of commitment to certain activities, targets or goals.
Reports 2


Receive real-time, beautiful data organised into monthly/quarterly/annual reports, with graphs and tables linked to the underlying data.

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