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Pricing Prevention: Understanding the true cost of injuries and how to unlock budget with a compelling business case.

Matthew Green :  Founder of BodyGuide | Author of I’m Sick of Being Sore
Thursday, 30th March | 12 noon AEDT, 2pm NZDT | 1 hr
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About this webinar

After 700+ people joined us for his last webinar, we’re delighted to welcome back Matthew Green - founder of BodyGuide and author of 'I'm Sick Of Being Sore'- for another incredible session!

In this webinar, Matt is taking us on a deep dive into ‘pricing prevention’. In particular, how we can engage stakeholders to unlock budget and embrace injury prevention across the organisation.

“Individuals are bad at investing in things that don't have an immediate and clear ROI (return on investment). Investments in injury prevention often fall into this basket, where teams struggle to paint a clear picture on the cost savings and implications for the business. In turn, executive teams default to thinking of injuries as just the cost of doing business, maintaining inertia and conceding avoidable injuries.”

So how will you create a successful argument to get the leaders in your business to invest in early injury prevention? Well, that’s what this webinar is all about!

What you will learn
  • Why physical injury claims have remained such a stubborn problem. 
  • Workers compensation 101: costs, premium calculations and the impact on P&L from a whole-business perspective.
  • How to craft your case for unlocking budget in health and safety.
  • Grow your influence by engaging aligned stakeholders - some of which you might not expect (hint: the marketing department may be your champion).

All attendees will receive free access to I’m Sick of Being Sore.

Who will benefit from this webinar?
Heads of Wellbeing & Safety, HR Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Senior Executives, Health, Safety & Wellbeing professionals, Board Members, Directors, PCBUs

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Meet the speaker

Matt Green

Matthew Green

Founder of BodyGuide | Author of I’m Sick of Being Sore.

Matthew has 10+ years experience in Myotherapy (physical therapy) and is a fierce advocate for change in the way we approach pain and injury in the workforce.

From running his clinic, to scripting BodyGuide videos and authoring I’m Sick of Being Sore, Matt has spent the last 12 years helping people understand their bodies.

He works closely with employers, government and insurers to enable them to keep people safe in the workplace.