Decluttering the "S" In ESG: How Safety Fits In Under The Social Pillar


Naomi Kemp | Director, Safe Expectations | Chair, AIHS
Mike Cosman | Partner, Cosman Parkes | Chair, NZISM

Wednesday, 22nd February  |  12 noon AEDT  |  2 pm NZDT  |  1 hr

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Organisations are focusing on the Social pillar of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) more than ever before, thanks to the growing recognition of the value of addressing the social side of the business. 

Factors such as increased pressure from stakeholders - both internal and external - along with the changing workforce dynamic have helped create this shift. Indeed, today’s workforce is becoming increasingly more diverse, with each generation having unique motivations and expectations. Organisations need to adapt to these changes to help look after their people and retain top talent. 

Where does safety fit in?

Broadening our scope and understanding of what "safety" means across the three pillars of E, S and G is key for safety leaders to be future-ready. Most organisations measure safety performance that is misaligned with the business goals or backward-looking or not mature enough to help align with the business's objectives that reflect the reality of the changing profile of the workforce. 

Developing a mature way of measuring safety performance across the three pillars is key to helping businesses achieve their strategic long-term goals.  This will help organisations secure their social licence, and they will be perceived as acting in a fair, trustworthy and appropriate manner towards their people - in other words, addressing the social pillar. 

What will this interactive webinar explore?
  • The opportunities for safety in ESG, with a specific focus on the "S" for Social. 
  • The differences between internal governance level reporting, and external reporting for shareholders.
  • The current status of safety performance reporting within ESG with examples and why they are inadequate for the future.
  • How the safety professional can influence measuring and reporting safety. 
  • The specifics of what these companies report, and how they capture their data.
  • An exploration of how reporting may evolve, with a greater focus on what the future holds for work design. 
  • Practical real-world examples of workplaces that have implemented positive social changes

Who should attend this event?

Business Owners and Leaders, Heads of HR, Chief People Officers, Heads of well-being and Safety, HR Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Health, Safety and Well-being professionals and People Leaders.

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Meet the speakers


Naomi Kemp

Director Safe Expectations | Chair AIHS | Qld Gov WHS Board Expert Member | fr&nk Co-Founder

A health and safety coach and strategist for businesses who truly care for the health, safety and wellbeing of their people and their community, Naomi provides expert advice on Enforceable Undertakings (WHS Undertaking) and WHS Management. Naomi helps leaders who want to transform their approach to managing risks and make a difference — to cut through the bureaucracy, increase worker engagement, shape culture, and facilitate change.


As the Chair of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety, she helps in supporting the profession to be recognised and valued for its contribution in shaping health and safety in society.


As an Expert Member on the Qld Government WHS Board, the peak advisory body to the Queensland Government on work health and safety matters, she advises and makes recommendations to the Minister about policies, strategies, allocation of resources and legislative arrangements for work health and safety.


Mike Cosman

Partner Cosman Parkes | Chair NZISM

With over 42 years' experience in occupational safety and health and risk management in the UK, internationally (including projects with the ILO- International Association of Labour Inspection and the EU Senior Labour Inspectors Committee) and since 2004 in New Zealand working at an operational, sector, national and international level, Mike  has been supporting Boards, Senior Management Teams, Ministers and senior officials in regulatory bodies to articulate the value proposition around investment in safety and risk management

He is the only health and safety professional member of the Independent Ministerial Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety and the Independent Forestry Safety Review

As Chair of the NZISM Board he is committed to raising professional standards for OHS practitioners and regulators by encouraging membership of professional bodies to achieve formal recognition of competence.